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Things You Need To Know When Going For A House Rewire


When the wiring in your house is outdated or undersized it may lead to electrical hazards and mishaps and in such a situation, you might think about rewiring the electrical system in your house. A rewired electrical wiring makes your house safer, prevents electrical mishaps and saves on your electric bills.

Any sort of electrical work is dangerous in nature and thus electrical wiring should always be done by a licensed electrician in Palm Beach Gardens and before you decide to go for rewiring your house, here are some things that you should consider.

Know when rewiring is needed

Before you hire an electrician to rewire your house, you should first know if your house needs rewiring or not. Rewiring is often done to houses that are 20 to 30 years old and this is because houses with old wiring systems are not only potentially dangerous but they also cannot cope with the electrical load demanded by modern electrical systems and appliances.

If your house still has rubber or fabric cabling and those old round switches than chances are that your house needs rewiring.

Consider the budget

Before you do any type of remodeling work in your house, it is essential that you decide on the budget so that you can avoid any setbacks. A lot of things come into the budget when rewiring your house including the cost of installing the wires, switches, sockets, and lights. The price of the wiring may vary with the size of the house and how accessible the existing wiring in your house is.

Plan thoroughly before the work starts

Rewiring a house is a complex and often messy process. The cables and wires go everywhere from under the floor, across ceilings, through the walls, so your entire house is basically torn down from floorboards to the ceiling.  New sockets, switches, and other electrical fixtures are then fitted, so it is essential that you should plan the rewiring thoroughly before the works begin. Also, plan the order in which each room will undergo rewiring.

Also, consider the features that you want to rewire including HVAC, lighting fixtures, water heater, kitchen appliances, washing machine, and other home appliances.

Consider future-proofing

While you’re rewiring your house, it is also better to future proof your house by updating the various electrical systems. Today is the day of technology and most of the houses are hooked with modern technologies like WiFi, mood lighting, surround sound and various other electrical gadgets. If you are planning to install such amenities in your house, you will need to make sure that the electrical circuits are up to bear the loads.

Avoid adding things mid-way

Electrical repairs in Jupiter are quite expensive and rewiring your house is not a cheap affair and to top it if you want to incorporate additions midway then it will not only be more expensive but also very time-consuming. This can be avoided by thoroughly planning and discussing the repair with your electrician and you can also go through the layout of your house to understand the rewiring process better.

Think about the space

Rewiring the entire house means all the walls, floorboards as well as ceilings being torn down and reinstalled and this type of work requires a sufficient amount of space. If you’re rewiring your entire house then it may be better if the house is empty or at least the furniture and other fragile belongings are moved out of the way. If you can, leave the house until the work is completed or complete the rewiring room by room.

Choose the right electrical service

When you’re rewiring the electrical system in your house or conducting any electrical work, it is essential that you choose the right professional to do the job. Electrical repairs are quite costly so when you select a licensed electrician in Palm Beach Gardens, make sure that he has all the credentials and qualifications to conduct the operation.

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