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Why Feasibility Study is important before starting any Project?

As the name suggests, a feasibility test is used to determine the vitality of an idea, in a way to make sure that a project is technically and legally as ensuring a project is legally and technically viable as well as economically feasible. It informs us whether a project is worth your investment in time and money. There are various project consultancy services that help you by providing detailed study of the project.

A well-structured study should be able to offer background knowledge of the business or project, in such a way that it describes the services and product, accounting statements, legal requirements, marketing research and policies, and tax obligations, etc. Usually, such studies are carried out before project implementation.

Importance of Feasibility Study

Following are the various reasons why feasibility is important before starting any project: 

 1. Feasibility Show the Viability of Your Project

Every revolutionary development or proposal began with an idea, and while some have overcome the odds stacked against them, those ideas were rarely put to work without first being thoroughly evaluated.

By paying attention to the landscape that is around your project, you will be able to gauge a lot of things like where your potential clients will come from and who you are competing against to gain them, you’ll be able to measure and estimate the likelihood of achieving your goals. 

2. Feasibility Enables You to Define Your Goals

No doubt having ideas are good, but they are only as good as their execution, right? A feasibility study enables you to decide what goals you need to set to provide a benchmark for your project’s success and viability.

A feasibility study helps you to get a better understanding of your cost costs as well as its revenue earning capacity. With the right information in hand, you can either obtain the required resources needed to complete your assignment or “right-size” is based on the available resources.

3. Feasibility Studies Helps in Execution of the Project

The biggest benefit of a feasibility study is that they provide you with specific information about what a project needs for it to be sustainable. The feasibility study is the first step in preparing a project report.

By understanding the competitive landscape, the development costs, where potential clients will come from, and revenue potential, you will get a correct feel of what resources must be obtained and what actions you must take to attain your goal. 

4. Feasibility Will Provide You with an Identity

How can you offer something distinct from your competitors? A feasibility study will help you understand this. This is an important element of building your identity.

For example, when you plan a new sports or entertainment facility, you usually have a general idea of who you are planning to target. But, to attract your desired audience, you need to understand their needs and separate yourself from them, and this is what feasibility helps you to do.

It's important to understand that the vitality of a feasibility study depends on an organization's desire to "get it right". A feasibility study might reveal new ideas that could completely alter a project's scope. It's always best to make these choices in advance, rather than to jump in and find out that the project won't work.

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