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Buy now pay later furniture for bad credit

The consumer is often exposed to promotions where he can take advantage of the product now and only pay later. This is the case for household products such as household appliances, furniture, beds, or any other good at a fairly high price for households. There are also promotions for the rental or financing of vehicles where no payments and no interest are required during the first months. It is certain that this facilitates the transaction at the time of purchase for the consumer, but is it advantageous for him to buy now and pay later?

The “pay nothing before 12 months” promotions for furniture and appliances make no mention of interest charges. Yet credit in the business world is never free, and interest charges simply don't go away. The profit margin lease to own furniture for companies selling household appliances is not very high, so if in addition they have to pay the credit charges, the promotion may not be profitable for them. That said, the credit bill is often passed on to the customer, and interest charges are hidden in the price of the product . If the customer decides to buy the cash devices and not take the promotion, he will pay for credit interest when he has not borrowed anything.

With regard to companies operating in the furniture and bedding industry, the profit margin may be higher, but their course of action remains the same; the company may hide interest charges in the price . Unfair for those who buy cash? Yes, and the consumer must be vigilant, he has the right not to pay for credit that he does not use. If you want to use the credit behind this promotion, try to find out about the interest rate that is included in the price and see if it is worth it. For example, an inclusive rate of 5% annually in interest charges would not turn out to be a bad rate on borrowing.

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