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All You Need To Know About Critter Fence

Are you looking for garden fence kits or any related supplies? Buy a critter fence with confidence, knowing that we are the provider. We store, assemble and ship these products directly to you.

Please compare the dealer, non-profit, distributor and re-seller services then contact us.

 Although keeping the garden out of reach of large animals is challenging, it does prove to be the best way out to save our plants. Fences serve the purpose in the best possible way if they can hide what is covered. Solid fences are more common for this purpose because they establish a barrier between the food and the animals. Electrical fences have more reliability when it comes to solid fences because animals who were shocked or felt the hotness maintain a healthy distance from the wire.

 The fence is commonly used for caging animals like deer, bear, birds, dogs, and even cats. Although other species need surrounding fencing, birds do need a fence in the field. Deer are particularly the most overactive animals, and it is more important to protect the garden from them. Fencing to either fence the deer or defend the garden from deer needs to be installed firmly in an angle to prevent them.

Why Do We Need To Use Critter Fence?

Critter fence is a form of garden fencing and is suspended from the trees. Works incredibly well without damaging the trees or fencing the greenhouse. It adequately protects your garden. 

  • Minimal Visual Impact: This is much less visible than traditional fencing, which is almost visible from 15 feet and less, and proves to be an excellent choice for the established landscape.
  • Cost: Critter fence costs less than traditional methods of fencing, but its production means it is robust. Fences are non-electric and thus do not shock animals, rodents, humans or any organism. Electrical fences are suitable for large wild animals while non-electrical fences are better suited for deer or pest control.

Critter fence makes use of the trees as posts. When a tree grows, extensive gauge metal fencing does not flex. It either triggers the breakdown of the fencing or will destroy the tree. The use of trees as posts often cut down on the cost of poles. Fences suspended from branches, in fact, remain invisible.

  • Easily Removable: This means that using galvanized locking or made compact, the pillar and sleeves will become permanent.

We  are an enticing choice to keep rabbits, dogs or other animal pests away. On the other side of the  critter  fence, the trouble-free deployment process adds.

About Our Services

We use thick black powder-coated, galvanized steel sleeves that are pushed into the ground. Our galvanized round posts coated with black powder then slip inside the sleeves and lock in with a fixed screw. Keep the sleeves in the ground year-round for reversible applications, and cover with optional sleeve caps when not in use. Corner posts and access gates can also use our ground sleeves with screws set for locking.

 Many clients only need a 6-foot removable fence to shield their arborvitae from winter deer browsing. Depending on your requirements, we have many different types of critter fence kits.

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