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Some Key Benefits Of Direct To Garment Printing!

The two most popular and trending printing methods today are direct to garment and screen printing methods for branded clothing. In the method of processing these two methods are very different from each other, depending on the project you are working on the method of printing varies according to the need of your project. Choosing the right method depends on various elements of the product such as - the combination of colors, quantity, and the design of the product. Direct to garment refers to the inkjet technology which can be applied to a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. Direct to garment printing in Denver helps you to print the desired design directly to the garment with the use of the printer using water-based ink, which is generally absorbed by the garment fibers.  

Direct to garment is a new technique that is so popular among small businesses, direct to garment printing is a much more precise method of printing than screen printing. You can achieve some really interesting designs or even photographs. There is no limit on the colors used with direct to garment printing. Whether you are already running a business or have a start-up, direct to garment printing can be applied to every business. Here are some benefits of direct  to garment printing, let’s take a look on that:

Dazzling and high detailed designs

Unlike the traditional methods of printing which fail to focus on the detail of the design and were not at all creative when it comes to printing a design. Direct to garment create realistic, lively and creative designs by using small ink drops. The inkjets have the ability to print the designs simultaneously and make them look perfect by printing designs of artwork with proper shading pattern vinyl printing in Denver is a method that provides high-quality clear, bright and pictures with sharp edges. 

As and when required

In direct to garment printing, no prior preparation is required and the ink is directly injected now the cloth producing a creative design. Unlike screen printing which requires prior set up and arrangement of each color of ink separately. A small amount of labor is used and the batch of t-shirts is delivered on the same day, with a button press a large amount of highly designed clothing is produced in direct to marketing printing. Direct to the garment in Denver provides products on-demand or on a custom basis, this not interested not only provides full satisfaction to the customer but also makes the customers permanent by giving them designable clothes.

Clarity and simpleness

To create exclusive, custom based clothing, you need to follow some of the simple steps. Firstly pre-process and treat the garment, fix the digital image to your system and arrange your desired design idea as desired, put the garment on the table and print the desired design, once again use the heat press to make the design permanent. These couple of steps might take some practice, but if you once get the drill, you can perform these steps alone and efficiently. 

Commercially beneficial

With no prior set up and one press button, there is not much production cost needed for direct to garment printing this increases the chance of profits in sales, you can also change the competitive pricing and your business will gain more money than a screen printing order. With continuity in business, direct to garment printing can get you more return on investment in less time. With new innovation and change in the market, there is a chance that direct to garment printing could replace screen printing. It can also help in planning strategies for small business opportunities

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