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Reasons Why Infrared Thermography Is Better Than Mammography

A lot of women believe that mammograms are the best and the only method of screening for breast cancer. But these are women who are not aware of an alternative method in the field, which is not only effective but safe as well. The alternative method that we are talking about is the medical infrared thermography. The method is used for screening cancer cells not only in the breast tissue but the whole body.

Going with this method has advantages for women. Let’s take a look at them.

  • If you compare breast thermography with mammogram, the foremost advantage of the former is that it is capable of detecting new blood supply from tumor growth about 13 years before a mammogram. It is surprising to hear that mammograms are mostly recommended for women who are 40 or above. This is surprising and risky becomes majority of cancer cells start developing in the 20s and 30s. This is the reason why it is recommended that all women from their 20s should have an yearly breast thermography cancer screening. Thermography screening is even more crucial for pre-menopausal women with denser breasts.
  • It is important to note that pre-cancerous cells not necessarily form in the breast region in all cases. Many are formed in other areas of the body and spread to other areas such as the breasts. Armpit is once such area where pre-cancerous cells can first form. Another area is the mouth, where the cancer cells can form and make their way to breasts through the lymph nodes. This is where thermography screening in Seattle, WA proves effective as it can locate where the cancer cells are forming or the areas affected by it. This is something that mammograms cannot effectively do, screening for cancer outside of the breast region.
  • You may have gone through this yourself or heard about it from friends or relatives that a mammogram machine can be extremely uncomfortable for many women, especially those women who have smaller breasts. This is because the pressure applied through the mammogram to compress the breasts is as much as 50 pounds. It is rather foolish to go with radiation method of mammography to find something that is indeed caused by radiation. When there’s an alternative method available that can provide you with as much as 97 percent accuracy, it is best to avoid radiation method.
  • Our bodies naturally emit infrared waves. They can provide details about our cells , which we can check with the help of highly sensitive metallic lens. We all want to go through screenings, tests, and procedures that are safe for our body. Thermography screening is so safe that it can be comfortably used on even pregnant women and nursing women and there will be no side effects of it.

So get in touch with top centers that do thermography screenings and keep yourself or your loved ones safe from the dangers of cancer.

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