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Delivering Plumbing Needs

Traditionally, plumbing products or pipe fittings were made with metal only. For the past 50 years, this has changed and given way to the use of plastic, which is now quite extensively used instead of metal. There is an array of fittings to choose from for any kind of plumbing requirement such as quick connects fixtures and traditional compression type of fittings.

There are numerous styles and types of plumbing products that have their own individual advantages and functions at the time of installation. Plastic pipe fittings for example are more flexible and therefore easily installable than metal options such as copper plumbing fittings.

Durable Products

The plumbing products manufactured by the reputable brands use top quality material as their function and durability play a very important role to the customers. Their huge range of copper pipe fittings is second to none.

The range of plumbing products available with the renowned manufacturers are compression, threaded brass BSP, malleable iron and steel, end feed/capillary, plastic pipes, MDPE, solder rings, push fit and press fit.

The copper pipe range includes plumbing pipes and tubes apart from a selection of push and compression fittings. The tap connectors are also made with flexibility in mind so that they can reach the tight spots where flexibility is really required.

Push Fit System

In a compressed air pipe work system, a push fit system of pipe and fittings can assist in rapid installation. The system can also be modified easily during and after the installation process. The tools used in the setting are also basic.

The malleable and galvanized pipe range includes airlines, PCL; push in fittings, brass fittings, valves and gauges, hydraulic fittings etc. The malleable iron fittings are manufactured with European made quality hence reliable. The plumbing companies take a delivery charge if the order is small. The delivery is usually made within 24 hours with malleable pipe lengths of 3.25m.

The delivery services are available even on weekends at locations such as Scotland, England, Scottish lowlands and Wales. The delivery charges and prices of the pipes will vary with the length of the pipe exceeding 6.4m and the location, as they are shipped via haulage.

Check Valves

Pipes, fittings, hoses, valves and double check valves are not one of the glamorous products offered on the market but they are an essential part of our household needs. For this reason, the plumbing companies especially take care that their customers are fully satisfied with their products.

The professional experts will assist their customers in acquiring all their push fit plumbing products whether it is a simple adaptor or changing a whole pipe work system. Most of the companies offer a tailored discount to their customers, minimum order may not be a necessary, the delivery is made the next day of order placement and online ordering facility is also now available.

On Demand Supplies aim at being the one stop shop for all the copper pipe fittings at low prices, with most of the products made available from a huge stock range.

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