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To withstand the toughest and demanding plumbing needs, the customer needs the high tech tube and piping products. The rainwater downpipes are available in various shapes including square or round and a variety of colors.

The plastic downpipes come in hues such as grey, black, white and brown. They attractively fit even at the exterior end of your property and are very practical in nature. The downpipe fittings include offset bends, clips, sockets and shoes.

Plastic downpipes are quick and easy to install and available at very competitive prices when compared to their metal counterparts. The products are durable as they meet high quality manufacturing standards of the industry.

Readily Mixed Fire Cement

Fire cement is a mixture of inorganic fillers and thermo setting resins which cure when exposed to heat. These result in an adhesion mortar cans which can withstand the highest temperatures up to 1250 degree Celsius.

Fire cement is used by commercial entities as well as home plumbing needs to attach fire grates, fire bricks, flue bricks, and flue pipes, boilers along with other appliances that are exposed to very high levels of heat in the industry or at home. It is mixed and ready for use directly from the container. It can harden when exposed to air or drying in the heat.

Designed to ease

A flexible tap connector can be adjusted or shaped to fit the plumbing system providing robust, water tight and reliable tap connection. They are ideally used in confined spaces wherein the rigid connectors are difficult to place. They come in different lengths to suit the tap needs in the customer’s house.

The compression joint tap connectors are used in toilet valves and hot and cold taps, as they can join pipes of different materials together. The push fit flexible taps are ideally used in units wherein the access is difficult and the dripping pipes can be tightened without turning off the main water supply to the house.

Water Tank Supplies

Float valves are generally installed in water tanks. They are colloquially called Ball cocks. They help in controlling the flow of water into the water tank. This helps in the prevention of overflow or backflow situations, as the tank fills only up to a set level with water.

Float valves are generally made of stainless steel or brass metals. A basic float valve has a balloon float which is filled with air and sealed to attach to an arm, so that the water cannot enter a particular area.

When the water level goes low in the tank, the float hangs and keeps the valves open. But when the water level raises the float surfaces on the water and causes the arm to move, which eventually pulls the valve closed so that the water stops flowing. This process occurs mechanically with no human input.

On Demand Supplies has a huge range of downpipe brass pipe fittings , flexible tap connectors and float valves in different materials to suit the plumbing needs of your house or factory.

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