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Top 6 Benefits of Using Antivirus Software


An antivirus is a software tool used for removing viruses from the computer. But with the increasing threats, now antivirus is like anti-malware. It not only protects the computer from viruses but also fights against all dangerous malware threats. People often get confused between malware and virus. There are many types of malware infection and virus is one of them. So, if you are looking for better protection then activate Norton product key and get excellent security from all malware infection. Today antivirus not only protects from malware but also takes care of your device and data. 

Top benefits of using antivirus software

Protection from malware infection

The main purpose of installing antivirus on the device is malware protection. Good antivirus detects and blocks about 99% of viruses and other malware infections that are trying to infect your computer. Antivirus removes the viruses before it attacks any file. Some of the malware is very dangerous that they not only multiply or occupy the space but can also steal and corrupt your data. Antivirus takes care of your device and ensures that no malware can enter your device. Many antiviruses provide real-time protection which runs every time you access any file. If the file is malicious then the antivirus will immediately remove it. The zero-day feature protects the device from the latest threats which mean if your antivirus finds any suspicious file then it will send it to quarantine and then you can easily determine whether the file is safe to access or not.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are increasing day by day. Elderly people are more prone to phishing attacks as they are not aware of phishing attacks. They learn how to use technology but many of them don’t know more about phishing and other internet threats. Hackers send warning notifications that their account is being hacked. When the person clicks on the notification; a fill-up form appears. If the person enters his username and password; keyloggers will save it and send it to the hacker. Now hackers can easily access your account. But if you have an anti-phishing tool then you don’t have to worry about these kinds of threats because your antivirus checks every notification whether it is coming from a genuine website or not. If the notifications are coming from fake or malicious websites then your antivirus will block them and ensure that you are fully protected.

Excellent online protection

People use the internet for various personal and professional tasks. A little bit of mistake can get you into huge damage. So, if you use the internet frequently then get antivirus which provides good internet protection. A personal firewall helps to keep your incoming data secure. If any incoming data looks malicious then your firewall will immediately block it. The browser security tool checks all the results pages before loading on your screen. If you click on a fake or malicious URL then your antivirus will immediately warn you and block the network. Using antivirus keeps your browsing safe and secure. 

Password Manager

Passwords are used for securing your data and accounts. But if your passwords are weak then your data is not secure. Hackers can easily get you. Most of the people use their phone number or DOB as their passwords. These passwords can be easily guessed. Not only professional hackers but your batchmates or your colleagues can also hack your account. So, you should always use strong passwords for your accounts. Teens usually get into social media account hacking. This doesn't look dangerous but can cause huge damage like identity theft, cyberstalking, etc. Always use lengthy and unique passwords for every account especially for your bank accounts. Make sure you are not repeating your passwords as remembering passwords is difficult so people often use the same password for multiple accounts. Use a unique password for every account and use a password manager to manage it.

 The password manager not only stores all your passwords and other details secure but can also help you to create passwords. You can choose your password type and length then your password manager will create a unique password for you. Your all passwords will get saved on an antivirus cloud so you can access them easily with a master key.

Protection from removable devices

Back in days, people used to share the data mostly in flash drives. Indeed today most of the data transfer is done with the internet but still, some people use USBs. Flash devices are potent for carrying malware. So, you should always scan the flash drives and other removable devices before loading on your device. Antivirus will scan the removable device and tell you immediately whether the device is safe to access or not.

Protects your data and files

Antivirus programs are equipped with various tools that help in data protection such as data shredder, sandboxing, secure cloud, etc. People store their data on the cloud so they don’t have to carry all the data. People can easily access data from anywhere. But due to ransomware, the data is not fully secure on the cloud. Antivirus provides a secure cloud service that stores all the data securely in an encrypted form. When a hacker tries to steal your data; antivirus will block it from accessing your data. Antivirus cloud backups are considered more secure than other storage options. The data shredder tools are used for removing the data permanently. If you delete your data then anyone can easily recover it by using a data recovery tool. But if you delete your data by using a data shredder tool then nobody can recover it and prevent data-theft issues.

Antivirus not only secures the data but can also boost the performance of your computer. Antivirus offers a cleanup tool that can remove all the junk files on your devices with just one click. The RAM booster tool stops all the background running applications to speed up your computer. So, if you want to provide a better and fully secure working space to your computer then installing a reliable antivirus is necessary.  


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