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How to renew your Norton Product Subscription?

Norton antivirus is the most popular antivirus plan around the globe. This company is providing the best antivirus plans since 1991 and still best known for its advanced data security features. Norton antivirus is a program that keeps all your data fully protected from various threats. Every device needs protection from viruses as most of the people use the internet today. The OS of every device is becoming stronger. Today viruses are not a bigger concern as most of the OS can easily fight against common viruses. But every device with internet connectivity is unsecured. Download and install Norton on your device and provide it good protection. Norton installation is very easy but many people reported some kind of issues during Norton installation. One of the most common issues during Norton installation is Norton security error 8504 104. If you get this error while installing Norton then contact the technical support for help. 

Norton sonar protection yearly. Once your Norton plan gets expired, you have to renew it. If your Norton antivirus is about to expire then you must renew the plan before the expiry date. Some Norton plans also provide auto-renewal subscription features. Those plans will automatically get renewed a month before the Norton expiry date. If your Norton plan is not under auto-renewal mode or you have disabled Norton auto-renewal mode then you have to renew your Norton plan manually. You can renew your Norton plan anytime. Norton will also start sending Norton expiry notification a month before expiration. Whenever you get the notification; you should renew your Norton plan immediately. 

Renewing Norton antivirus plan by product key

Before getting the product key; make sure your product key is compatible with your Norton product. Not all Norton plans are applicable for a product key. If your Norton plan allows Norton renewal with product key then follow the steps given below Norton renewal:

  1. Open Norton dashboard

  2. Click on My Norton

  3. Tap the Open button

  4. Go to account information 

  5. Tap the Help button

  6. Click on Enter Product Key button

  7. Now type your product key

  8. Click the renew button

If you get an error message then check your product key. You can only use the product once. If you have used the key before then you can’t use it again. In case you have a new key then type the key carefully. You can also copy the product key and paste it to prevent typing mistakes. Once you renew your Norton plan then you can easily secure your device for the whole year.

Activating Norton plan with subscription license associated with the account

If you buy Norton antivirus from the Norton online store then your subscription will get stored on Norton automatically. If you have a Norton subscription which has not been activated yet then follow the steps mentioned below for activating Norton plan:

  1. Open your Norton antivirus and go to My Norton tab

  2. Click on Activate Now button from the Norton product main window

  3. You will get Norton login prompt on the screen

  4. Enter your Norton username and password

  5. Now choose your Norton security license

  6. Tap the next button

  7. Now enter the product key

  8. Tap the next button

Wait for some time until your Norton plan gets activated. Once you get the confirmation message; go to the Norton dashboard and check the subscription whether it is renewed or not.

Renewing Norton by purchasing Norton subscription

  1. Open Norton antivirus dashboard and go to My Norton button

  2. Click on Renew button

  3. Tap on Buy a subscription button Now you will be redirected to a Norton page

  4. Click on your Norton plan and hit the Buy Now button

  5. You can also upgrade your Norton antivirus 

  6. Now click on the Buy Now button and fill all the billing details

  7. Tap on make payment button

After purchasing the Norton plan; your antivirus will get renewed. Your billing receipt and renewal details will also send on your email address. After renewing your Norton antivirus; you can use your computer securely. You should always renew your Norton plan before expiry as it will ensure that your computer or phone is always under antivirus protection and no virus can enter on your device anytime. 



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