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As per 2019 reports, the total no of smartphone users worldwide is expected to be over 2 billion while in India alone the number is somewhere to reach 204.1 million. This humongous data is testimony to the fact there has been an increase in Mobile App Development all across categories like lifestyle, fashion, food, e-commerce, etc and all aim to ease the life of the users out there.

As per the article published in TheNextWeb in March 2019, Android users on average have 95 apps installed on their phones while they end up using 35 apps on average a day. Though the usage of apps vary from person to person social media apps top the charts with an average of around 50 to 200 minutes spent on them by users per week, globally.

As mentioned above, the data reiterates on the importance of developing quality apps so that it doesn’t get lost in the crowd of 1000–1500 apps submitted daily to Play Store.

So, if you are thinking about how to build apps that have a clean interface, seamless user experience, and are the winning ones in the category, you have landed on the right page.


Info Stans has been one of the pioneers in the industry of mobile application development and has an impressive portfolio that boasts of building apps on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry etc.

At INFO STANS, we have a team of world-class developers who not only have a detailed understanding of the platforms like Google, Apple, etc but are also well versed with various tools like Android software development kit (SDKs), MySQL development, 3D Graphics, Location-based service APIs, WI-FI APIs, etc which are needed to make world-class apps.

Here’s why you should choose Info Stans for the development of your Mobile Application:

  • Committed professional developers well versed with all platforms who will help you to turn your million dollar idea into a beautiful app and reach all the users out there
  • 24X7 customer service to make sure that clients’ are not facing any issue
  • Quality App Development on all platforms including Android, iOS etc which fit all technical requirement and design guidelines
  • Expertise to handle and provide solutions to all business needs from PHP Framework development to e-commerce shopping cart development, custom PHP Programming, etc
  • Application testing to ensure the apps are bug-free and up to date
  • Flexible and Affordable Hiring process

At Info Stans, we make sure that our clients get nothing less than the best and several of our published apps have earned respectable names on App and Play Store. We make sure that as a client you get all the advantages of our learning experiences and skills.

We monitor on a regular basis the new technological advancements and trends that have been introduced and offer our clients those benefits.

So, what are you thinking? Write to us at with your queries and we will get back to you with solutions. We’ll work with you on all steps from the beginning and make sure your idea is seamlessly designed to a mobile application.

This article originally published on the Info Stans Blog page.

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