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Four Types of Content That Are Worth Sharing

Four Types of Content That Are Worth Sharing

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that all content is equal. They churn out blog post after blog post and then wonder why their traffic is actually going down instead of up. This is because they are probably boring their readers. It might also be because they are not producing the kind of content that is worth sharing.

There are four types of content that are highly shareable which you should add to your content marketing mix. In this way, your content can "go viral" or get spread around regularly - leading to more reads, clicks, subscribers and sales.

1. Special Reports

A special report about a topic important to the people in your niche will get passed around a great deal if it is high quality, attractive, and offers real value to your readers.

Think of the main problem a person in your niche has. Come up with one or two ways to tackle it. Write your report and turn it into a PDF. Offer it for free online at your site in exchange for their email address.

This kind of lead generation will result in you growing a large email marketing list that will help you build relationships and loyalty amongst your target audience. The URL to get the report will be shared. The email to get the report might also be shared. Make sure your business name and URL are on every page of the report, and your branded content being widely shared will bring traffic back to your site. If you're not good at writing a report yourself, you can find PLR articles in your niche and convert it into a report to building your list. For example, if you're looking to create a report about "dog training", you could find some high quality dog training PLR articles, re-pupose them into a report and use them to build your dog niche email list, and all this without writing a single word of content yourself. PLR is a game changing shortcut if utlized correctly.

2. Top 5s or Top 10s

Depending on the length of the content you need to publish, try Top 5 or Top 10 lists. They can be hints, tips, favorite items like "Top 10 Sci-Fi Classic Films", and so on. These types of articles can get shared and also lead to interaction - as people agree or disagree with your film choices, for example.

3. Videos

Videos are hugely popular, and becoming more so all the time. And no, not just cute cat videos, but all sorts of visual content.

YouTube is one of the top five most popular sites in the world. If you’re not already posting content regularly to YouTube and embedding your videos into your pages, you're missing out on a great opportunity to market your business.

YouTube is a search engine in its own right. People enter keywords in order to find the kind of content that they are interested in. Google owns YouTube, so they also show YouTube videos on their search engine results page for particular keywords. This means you can be found in two different and very important ways.

In addition, there are other video sharing sites you can post your content to. It is also important to note that Facebook is becoming more and more dominated by videos, and Facebook is also one of the top five sites in the world.

Both YouTube and Facebook make it easy to share content with just one click. Users can also like and comment at both sites. Make your videos informative and entertaining, and you should have no problem getting them shared. You can use high quality PLR video training content to educate your audience using the power of videos.

4. Infographics

Infographics are becoming increasingly popular, because they are a visual representation of important data. They are very compact, attractive, and easy to share online. If you’re not already creating high-quality infographics for your business, grab your most important statistics and turn them into works of art that you can post at your site. They will then get shared on your social media sites and you can see how quickly they get shared.

Create these four forms of content regularly and see how many shares you can get to drive more traffic to your business.

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