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Facebook is all set to roll out Messenger broadcast feature for business specifi

Facebook is all set to roll out Messenger broadcast feature for business specifi

In what appears to be a move, along with the lines of Whatsapp for business, Facebook too is thinking along the same lines. As of now, the biggest social networking platform is trying to find a way to monetize its Messenger platform, which going by the stats is being used by 1.3 billion people.



So, What’s new?

The new feature being developed by Facebook is designed to allow the advertisers to broadcast marketing messages to potential clients, who are using the Messenger platform.

Going by the report from TechCrunch, the “Messenger Broadcast” is assimilated in a manner, where business owners can target their clients and send marketing messages. But to do so, the clients must initiate or try to contact the business using the chat platform. However, the feature is being tested and is not slated to be released, anytime soon.


The experts do agree that if this feature is made functional, it has enough scope for growth and might be even popular than that of Whatsapp for business.


How does it work?

 Although it is still not clear, as to how this feature might work, there is a general idea.

  • Business will be able to send messages to a set number of users for free.

  • Plans are on to monetize the feature, where it will help business to gain maximum reach.

  • Emphasis on reducing advertisements on Messenger, so as to help businesses gain maximum visibility.


The working method and the features on broad may differ, once the functional version is released. Until then, it is all just a speculation.

Without any doubt, the Messenger broadcast option seems to be a viable concept and it it is made available ( of course in the immediate future), business will then have a medium to reach out and expand their base of operations.


What about the problem areas?


While the recent developments do augur well for the users, the general consensus is that Facebook has still failed to address some of the core issues. The solution is unlikely to come up, unless, the users make it a point to approach the third party experts.


If you are trying to find an immediate solution to a number of issues, then it seems ideal to contact Facebook support team. This way, you have a definite chance of overcoming the odds, without having to undertake much of any stress.


So, one way or the other, you do have alternatives to resolve problems that come up, all of a sudden.


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