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How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for eCommerce Website India?

In the past few years, the trend of shopping online for desirable products and services has increased to a significant extent. As a result, mobile applications and eCommerce websites have gained exponential success. It is no longer a challenging task to make online payments for services and products purchased through an eCommerce website. These payments are made through safe and secure payment gateways. The payment gateway is a code that works in tandem with shopping cart with the credit card company. It helps in hassle-free credit card processing ensuring safe and quick transaction of payments from the customer to the retailer.

When looking for a suitable payment gateway for eCommerce website in India, here are a few factors that needs your undivided attention.

Selection of Appropriate Flow of Payment

As your business takes off and gains desired success, the payment gateway must be able to scale up operations effortlessly. Thus, there is a need of setting up of a payment gateway that allow customers to make direct payment or get redirected to the merchant. Depending on the flow of payment desired, a suitable payment gateway option can be chosen.

Look for the right product

When selling services or products online, businesses need to look for a suitable payment gateway to receive payments. This help customers in making payments for the services and products purchased by them through a common payment form, like a debit card, credit card, net banking, digital wallets, or an electronic check that also includes budgetary data. Thus, depending on the adaptability of payment solution, choose the right product for your website.

Ensure Safe and Secure Payment Transactions

Your customers must feel safe and secure when using the chosen payment gateway to make payments for the products and services availed by them. Thus, choose the safest and best payment gateway in India that gives them a pleasant experience making transactions. A few features like colour palette, logo, typeface of the brand, etc., help in creating a pleasant experience.

Choose a payment gateway platform that comes with robust safety and security features. Thus, when choosing the same, look for a PCI-DSS certification that gives anti-fraud protection.

Check Service Agreement and Fees

The pricing of payment gateways is dependent on the kind of transaction conducted by a business which can be a combination of in-person and virtual or online transactions. The other factors that have an impact on pricing is revenue consistency, business sales, markets served, and transaction frequency.

All these factors help in choosing a suitable payment gateway for your eCommerce business.

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