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Our new Central Heating Supplies Range

We have a varied and full range of plumbing supplies online on our website at On Demand Supplies. Our deliveries are prompt and pricing competitive for all your plumbing requirements of tools or products. We cater to all types of customers, whether retail or commercial alike.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for plumbing supplies at low costs. We are one of the leading plumbing supply website in UK. We have the right plumbing tool for every job and a range of all the parts and accessories that will fulfill your heating and plumbing needs.

Options for Ventilation

Ventilation can be provided in pipes through two methods i.e. Air Admittance Valves (AAV) or through open soil pipes as per the UK Building Regulations and statutory guidance. The installation of our AAV reduces the amount of pipe work and the costs of making good the roof. The future risk of water ingress and weather damage will be minimized when our AAV is easily installed onto the soil stack without boring a hole into it.

Our Brass Supplies

On Demand Supplies is a leading brass pipe fittings supplier. Our fittings are light in weight and have good thermal conductivity for both low and high temperatures strength. They are commonly used in heat exchange equipment, along with the assembly of low temperature pipelines also, used in oxygen equipment production.

Our brass fittings are corrosion resistant and sturdy, due to which they are the first choice of the contemporary contractors in the installation of heating and cooling pipe systems in both commercial and residential settings. Brass pipe fittings are ideally used in water supply pipes.

Do you have a Boiler broken down?

Heating sludge always builds up over time and all the heating systems usually suffer from it. The sludge is caused by minerals present in water or the rust that collects on the radiators and pipes. This sludge gets stuck in some of the important parts of your heating system. Use our central heating inhibitor to protect the heating system on your property. It is the powerful liquid that helps in breaking down the rust and minerals on your heating system quickly. Once they are broken down, the sludge can be easily extracted from the system.

Our other product, the central heating leak sealer helps in sealing small leaks and weeps which usually cause pressure loss and the breakdown of a boiler. It starts working within 24 hours of application. It prevents restrictions and blockages in the boiler and other important components such as safety devices and pumps.

Our leak sealers are ideal for sealed systems with inaccessible leaks. They help in saving money and time used in repairing and draining down. Our unique leak sealers are compatible with any materials or metals used in the central heating systems of your property.

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