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How can you get a Setup Log File when Avast Antivirus Fails to Install?

Avast is a famous antivirus which has one of the most numbers of downloads. Avast antivirus is preferred over other antivirus suits because it provides good tools in its freeware. Avast antivirus also provides various types of paid plans. This antivirus is considered as the best plan for phone devices. Avast paid plans to offer excellent features for internet and data protection. If you want a reliable antivirus at good prices then purchasing Avast antivirus is a good deal. Avast download and installation process is very easy. Avast renewal is also simple. If you get Avast plan on your device then your device is fully secure from all kinds of malicious threats. But still, some people reported that they get various errors while installing Avast antivirus. A common Avast issue that is reported by various people is Avast renewalAvast antivirus fails to install error. 


If you get the Avast installation error; the first thing you should do is contact the Avast support and tell your details. But many times the technical support people may ask for a setup log file. They need the file to identify the error on your Avast installation process. You can easily get the Avast setup log from your Avast setup wizard. Now you can easily copy the file and send it to Avast Support.


Follow the steps mentioned below for getting the setup log file:

  1. While installation failure, you will get an Avast Setup wizard on the screen

  2. Click on View setup log

  3. Go to the Log viewer

  4. Now change the Verbosity setting (from the bottom-left corner) to debug the setup

  5. Now select the Copy to Clipboard button

  6. Open Notepad

  7. Go to Edit and paste the whole file

  8. Click on File and choose Save as option

  9. Save your text file as SetupLog.txt file so you can easily find it

  10. Save the file on the desktop

Now go back to the Log Viewer and press the Close button. Use file compression utility for compressing the file and then send the file as an attachment to the support. The report analysis will take some time and then they will tell you how to tackle the error. Once you get the error then you can easily install Avast antivirus on your device.

Steps for installing Avast antivirus


If you are new to Avast antivirus then you have to create an Avast account. But you are an existing Avast user then you can directly purchase the Avast antivirus with the same account and download it easily. Here are the steps for installing Avast antivirus:

  1. Open your web browser and search for Avast antivirus

  2. Now go to the Avast website

  3. Avast homepage will appear on the screen

  4. If you want Avast security tool then click on Security button (You will get the plans according to your requirement such as security, privacy, performance, etc)

  5. Now choose whether you need a free plan on a paid plan

  6. Choose whether you need antivirus for home, business, or for partners.

  7. You will get a list of items which fall on your category

  8. Choose your plan and click on the Buy Now button

  9. You will see an Avast account page

  10. If you have Avast account then enter your credentials and press login button

  11. If you are new to Avast then fill the form and create Avast account

Now enter billing details and click on the Buy Now button. Wait for some time until you get a confirmation message on the screen. Now go to your email address and click on the URL you get in Avast email. Avast setup will start installing on your computer. An activation window appears on your screen. Copy and paste the Avast key from the setup and press the Activate button. Follow the on-screen commands to complete Avast installation. Now restart your device and use Avast antivirus. Avast antivirus provides 30 days free trial on paid plans without making payments. You can download and install Avast plan for free and check which Avast plan is good for your device. Don’t forget the Avast renewal process to use Avast without any trouble. Avast also provides regular updates to increase the security features and services on its paid and free plans.

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