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Tips From Mobile App Developer To Create A Great Icon

Tips From Mobile App Developer To Create A Great Icon

Don't let the size deceive you, designing an app icon is not the simplest part of the development process. Sure, you can design it yourself with the right software and skill set but it's not as simple as slapping your logo on the icon section. Your icon represents your brand and tells users what your application is all about. You need to put some thought and effort into it to create an attention-grabbing design. You may even need to hire graphic design services in denver to create something noteworthy. The following are some tips to help you with the icon designing process. 

Tips To Design An App Icon


  • Use Initials Instead Of Names

Adding your brand name to the icon is pointless because many people will not be able to read it on their touchscreens due to the icon's size. The text will be even more difficult to read with smaller icons. If you want to add your brand name, then use its initials instead to fit the space.

  • Keep Design Simple

Minimalism has become the norm with graphic design services in Denver applying its principles to almost everything. Minimalism is especially important for icons because they have less space, to begin with. Don't cram every shape and color into the frame, use them sparingly with due thought. You don't have to limit yourself to 2D designs, 3D and photorealistic designs can also be minimalist if you do them right.

  • Keep Design Consistent

Your icon is like your app’s entrance, its design should be consistent with the app’s user interface so that the user doesn’t feel like they’ve landed somewhere else. You can start by using the app’s color scheme for your icon.

  • Make It Unique

With over five million apps on the leading app stores, it's hard enough for yours to stand out. You need a unique and attention-grabbing design. Use unique shapes and color combinations without compromising on simplicity. Check what your direct competitors are drawing to know how you can differentiate yourself from them.

Tell Users What Your App Is About

People who don't have time to read app descriptions can tell what it's all about just by looking at the icon. A calling app usually has a phone while a gaming app may use main game elements. Convey your app's purpose without being too generic. 

  • Make It Scalable

Icons don't just appear on the homepage, they also appear on submenus and push notifications in even smaller sizes. It's why a mobile app developer in denver uses a simple template to maintain the icon's visibility.

  • Conduct A/B Testing

Graphic designers rarely get it right the first time, plus there's a chance that you may like two versions of the design. You should conduct A/B testing with a sample audience to decide which one's better. You should do it before launching because it may take time to revert to the original design if the new version fails. 

  • Test Recognizability

Just because your icon is unique doesn't mean that users will recognize it. You can test its recognizability by showing it to a sample audience and asking them to describe or draw it the next day. Make changes to the design based on the results. 

  • Test On Different Backgrounds

Icon designing would be simpler if every smartphone owner used the same wallpaper. But they don't, so you need an icon that looks good on most if not all backgrounds. Choose the most popular wallpapers (including bright, dark, gradients, solid colors, photographs, illustrations and motion graphics) and see how your icon looks on them. 

  • Create Different Icons For Different OS

With the advent of hybrid apps, the lines between different operating systems seem to be blurring. But they continue to exist due to the differences in the OS, codebase and devices. That's why a mobile app developer in Denver usually creates at least two icons for Android and iOS to guide users. You can refer to their guidelines on how to create icons for them.

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