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Misconceptions A Website Designing Company Wishes Would Go-RedDashMedia

Misconceptions A Website Designing Company Wishes Would Go-RedDashMedia

It’s 2020, about every business located in an urban area has a website to connect with their target audience online. Web builders have made it easy for anyone with a laptop at home to design and launch their website. Those who want better performance turn to a website designing company in Delhi.

Yet, despite how common websites are, people still have a lot of misconceptions about how web design works and what it can do for them. They can create confusion for budding web designers and prospective clients alike. So we’re here to clarify the misconceptions related to the web design industry.

Common Web Design Misconceptions That Need To Go

  • CMSs Are Web Builders

No, they are not. A CMS requires some technical know-how to make good use of but offers designers with a lot of flexibility in what they can do. A web builder is easy to use but has limited features. It’s why a website designing company in Delhi uses a CMS like WordPress to create sites rather than a web builder like Wix.

  • Only People With Something To Sell Need Websites

If websites were limited to stores, only e-commerce sites would exist. Any business can benefit from a website because it makes the business available to potential clients online.

  • Professional Designers Must Always Create Templates From Scratch

Large companies with enough time and money can afford a custom-built site unique to their brand. A small business owner may just want something that looks sleek within their budget. So, a website designing company in Delhi may offer custom-built sites or customize an existing template.

  • No One Reads Content

Most visitors skim through the content, but many do read the details before making the final decision. You should write what you need to write, no more and no less.

  • Your Work Is Done After The Launch

No, you may need to fix a few glitches after launching your website. You will also need a digital marketing company in Delhi for some finishing touches like meta tags, web content, etc. and to promote the website.

  • You Can Use Your Logo As Taskbar Icon

Your logo may not scale well in the small icon space, especially if it has some text in it. A graphic designer can make a few tweaks to your logo to create a neat taskbar icon.

  • Minimalism Is The Way To Go

Minimalism may not work for every site. Some sites like travel sites or e-commerce sites might need extra features that normal sites may not have. You must not compromise on a good UX for the sake of minimalism. Consult your digital marketing company in Delhi about what elements you should add for a better conversion rate.

  • It’s Okay To Add Many Widgets

On the flip side, it’s not okay to add too many widgets. You may increase your website’s loading time and make it vulnerable to hackers. You should only use updated, secure widgets that you need.

  • Blogs Are Must

Not every company may need a blog section. Consult a digital marketing company in Delhi on whether a blog can help your business and how.

  • Pictures Are A Must

Not every website needs images, you can find many good ones without any. In fact, having no images may be better than having stock images. If you do upload images, use company images for originality. Compress them to improve your loading speed.

  • All Designers Offer Responsive Design

Responsive design is the most popular mobile-friendly option among designers, marketers and clients. But while most companies like Red Dash Media specialize in responsive design, some may specialize in dynamic serving or creating a mobile site. You should clarify this before hiring the company.

  • Anyone Can Design A Good Website

That depends on what you define as good. Anyone can design a reasonably good-looking website with a web builder but needs a professional designer for a pixel perfect, SEO-friendly site.


  • Homepage Is The Most Important Page

Your visitors may enter your website through different pages and may never see the homepage. So that webpage will be your potential customer’s first impression of you. So, agencies like Red Dash Media ensure that all webpages are pixel perfect and responsive.

  • Everyone Hates Pop-Overs

Pop-ups and pop-overs can be annoying if you don’t use them properly. When you set your pop-over to show up as soon as someone enters, it gets in their way and annoys them. Instead, give them some time to browse through your content before displaying it. They may be more receptive to your offers once they learn about you.

  • Websites Rank Soon After Launching

Websites rarely rank right after you launch them. After all, they have to compete with established websites for the same keywords. You should invest in a search engine optimization company in Delhi to boost your SERP rankings and generate quality leads.

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