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Difference Between Bing & Google: What SEO Company Must Know

Difference Between Bing & Google: What SEO Company Must Know

Search engines like Google and Bing use similar guidelines and algorithms for ranking websites on search results. They both pay emphasis on user-friendliness and mobile-friendliness to offer their users a good experience. But they have a few differences that an SEO company in New Jersey must keep in mind when developing its strategy.

These differences exist because one search engine is run by the Alphabet Inc. while the other is run by Microsoft. Most of these differences are subtle, so you don’t have to compromise on one search engine for the other in most cases. Most agencies focus on Google while making minor tweaks for other engines.


Difference Between Bing & Google Algorithms

  • Social Signals

Google has repeatedly claimed that social signals are not a ranking factor but optimization experts note the impact from these signals on SERP rankings. Bing has confirmed these signals as one of their ranking factors. In either case, an SEO company in New Jersey can build these signals for better ranks.

You need to identify which platforms suit you and your target audience the best before working on generating these signals.


  • Meta Keywords

Google’s team has dismissed meta keywords as a ranking factor and only considers meta titles. Bing’s algorithms also don’t consider them as a ranking factor but as a spam signal. So an SEO company in New Jersey needs to take care when adding keyword tags.

The Microsoft-run search engine checks whether the keywords are present in your content to see whether they are relevant to your site or not. So add them to your content to avoid triggering the spam signal.


  • Visuals & Functions In Design

While a web design company in NYC needs to develop SEO-friendly websites, the word can have a different meaning on these search engines.

Google’s algorithms prefer simple HTML5 websites and rely on text-based content. Flash doesn’t render well on it. In contrast, Bing prefers websites that use visually appealing multimedia content and offer unique end-user features. It renders Flash well. It’s advisable to strike a balance by keeping your design Flash-free and simple while adding multimedia elements.


  • Crawl Factor

Googlebot crawls through all your webpages (unless you use a Noindex tag) before deciding your website’s rank. Bingbot crawls only through the first 100kb (the homepage) to decide your rank. This difference should affect how a web design company in NYC does its job.

In either search engine, a good portion of your visitors may enter the site through other webpages rather than the homepage. So you need to ensure that they are all responsive and pixel perfect.


  • Keyword Context

Google looks at the context of the keywords and gives results based on relevance. Bing looks for exact match keyphrases when ranking sites. The best SEO service takes great care in adding keywords to balance between these search engines.

You can balance between the two engines by adding exact keywords as naturally as possible without over-optimizing.


  • Meta Description

Google has dismissed meta description as a ranking factor but the best SEO service still writes them to inform users what the site is about. Bing considers these summaries in its ranking factor and considers keywords in them.

You should write convincing meta descriptions and insert keywords naturally to rank well on Bing and convince users to click the link on Google.


  • Backlink Source

Both search engines consider backlinks an important ranking factor but they prefer links from different types of sources. The best SEO service understands this difference and tries to use backlinks from different sources to get results on both engines.

Google prefers backlinks from high-ranking sites while Bing prefers backlinks from well-established domains (especially those with .org, .edu or .org extensions.)


  • Exact Match Domain

Google uses relevance rather than an exact match to give results but Bing favors websites that use exact match domain. Agencies like Red Dash Media might suggest against using EMDs to avoid triggering Google’s algorithm.

Regardless of whether you register an exact match domain or not, you need to focus on your content quality to gain better ranks on both engines.

  • Mobile-Friendliness

Both search engines favor mobile-friendliness but use slightly different algorithms that a web design company in NYC needs to keep in mind.

The Alphabet-powered engine has a mobile-first index to rank websites while the Microsoft-powered engine uses the same index for all devices. Optimizers suggest designing for the mobile-first index.


  • Backlink Numbers

Google gives better results if you have a few high-quality backlinks rather than hundreds of spam ones. Bing prefers quantity but suggests a limit of 20 backlinks per month from established domains. An SEO firm in New York should consider quality in both cases.


Which Search Engine To Invest In?

While Google is unbeaten in terms of the searches it gets, local businesses may benefit from Bing as well because of its popularity in the US and better CTR. 

It’s best to balance your strategy between different engines to get a good ROI. Agencies like Red Dash Media focus on Google due to its large search market share while making minor tweaks for other engines for the best results.

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