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Ganado and Klagetoh: The Two Most Popular Navajo Rug Styles

The Ganado and Klagetoh styles are undoubtedly the most popular rug designs when it comes to Navajo rugs. Irrespective of being considered each other's contrast, each style beautifully complements the other. These Native American rug designs are quite popular with art connoisseurs. The popularity of the designs is such that they have been replicated on coffee mugs, wallets, coin purses, and more.

The Ganado Navajo rugs known for their distinctive and vivid red and black patterns were inspired by the paintings of a famous artist E.A Burbank. The local Navajo artists used the color palette exceptionally to create beautiful designs. The color red was used to accent the designs. Juan Lorenzo Hubbell was an early trader who popularized the rug in the trading circles at the beginning of the 20th century. In the Klagetoh style, a color scheme which was in contrast to the Ganado style was used. The contrast can be easily spotted when you compare the central motifs and backgrounds of the two Native American rug designs.

The Ganado Navajo rugs feature impressive red backgrounds with powerful accents of grey, brown, white, and black. The Klagetoh, on the other hand, has a tan or grey background with red highlights. Both styles mostly have black borders with ‘stair-step’ designs in each corner and serrated diamond patterns in the center.

The Navajo artists specializing in these patterns craft gorgeous pieces that are not only unique but also exceptionally stunning. The aesthetic appeal of these rug designs is beyond imagination. Rare hook patterns, stair or cloud borders, and diagonals are a few design elements that can be found adorning the rugs. Each of the two styles is one of a kind! When you compare popular rug designs like ‘Two Grey Hills,’ you will be able to identify the differences in colors, styles, and patterns. Both these Native American rug designs are beautiful works of art that have been kept alive till date. Today, the unique patterns adorn coffee mugs, wallets among other things.

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