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Using The Digital Camera As Your Webcam

Many of you who own digital cameras may not be fully aware that in addition to capturing images, the device may also have another purpose. Did you know that a digital camera can also be used as a web cm? If possible.

Unlike when you use the digital camera that stores only the images you capture, using it as a webcam allows other people, including friends and family, to view it in real-time over the Internet. They make online communication more personal. With a webcam, you can video chat, video conference, and even stream live events over the Internet.

The first step you should do is consult your camera's manual. Please read carefully if it says that the unit can be used as a webcam. If your device has this functionality, it should come with the test webcam.

Most cameras with this feature must be connected to your power adapter before it can be used as a webcam. This is a better option to save battery. Using A / C power will also prevent your camera from turning off while using the device.

The next step is to connect the video cable to the output port of your digital camera. This is the cable used to connect to a video source. The other end must be connected to the video port on your video card. Most digital cameras must have this cable to connect the device to your TV.

Another option is to connect your digital camera through the USB port using an AV to USB converter cable. Just be sure to install all the necessary drivers on your computer for the camera to work properly.

When you place your digital camera, place it as close to your monitor as possible. This will allow you to better see your image on the computer and also the other person with whom you are communicating.

Approximately two or three feet away from your camera. This will make it clearer when the other person online sees it. Most digital cameras focus clearly at a distance when used as a webcam.

From there, test your microphone and the video image of your digital camera. Turn on your device and put it in video mode. If no sound is transmitted, the best thing to do is to use a separate microphone. Be sure to connect the microphone to the microphone jack on your sound card. When the video and sound quality is good, you can continue to video chat on the Internet.

Use headphones to listen to sound quality and to talk to the other person if the headphones have a microphone connected. Or you can also use your speakers if you don't want your headphones to bother you.

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