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What is the best way to listening and prepare for the CPE exam test?

You need to get to know the Cambridge English format so that you understand what you will be tested on. There is no point in studying grammar in general. You need to study C2-level grammar.

It is also a good idea to do as many mocks exams as possible. There are many practice test book you can to help you do exactly that.

Enter a certified prep course. Yes, prepare to shell out some serious cash for it, but provided you do your homework and stay focused, you should be prepared quite well. Do your preparation at home, on your own, or with a buddy. Now, there is a list of things you need to do buy a book of mock CPE tests with a CD for listening preparation. Track your progress buy a CPE-oriented self-study book, ideally one of the newer editions. Buy the Advanced editions of English Vocabulary in Use and English Collocations in Use.

Now that you have purchased all the necessary materials, your journey can begin. Start by setting up a deadline: To get you all the rest you need before the exam, you need to stop studying at least five days before your CPE exams. That way you will come well-rested and able to focus for a longer stretch of time. This means that you need to decide when to sit the exam, and that all that you need to learn has to fall within the scheduled deadline.

Identify weaknesses. Start by doing one of the mock tests all of them and record your score. Shake off the feelings of visceral shame after you score 17%, we have all been there!

Based on your weaknesses, line out a schedule. Write down what you are going to learn and when. Ask yourself if it is realistic. Do not forget to take breaks!

Every now and then, do a mock test and track your progress. As your exam date is approaching, try sitting for longer studying sessions to simulate the fatigue during the exam.

The tricky part can be speaking. Ideally, find a buddy to practice with. However, do not miss out on monologues. In the Speaking window, you will be given the opportunity you will be required to speak on your own and that must be practiced. Record yourself while sitting at the computer. It is more difficult than it sounds, kind of weird actually, but it will do wonders for your preparation!

Voluntary - if you are really serious about being amazing at English, do these three things: develop a wide range of interest to read about, listen to various podcasts and keep a journal of what you have been doing for your CPE preparation. This is going to expand your vocabulary, sharpen yourCPE listening online test skills and, overall, make you a total beast at English.

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