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the best wedding catering services in chennai

Have you considered launching a catering blog to promote your services? Do you already have a blog for your catering company, but you aren’t sure what to write about? Are you a web designer or marketer helping caterers build their web presence?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you probably need article ideas for your, or your client’s, catering blog.

What should a caterer blog about?
If you’re a caterer, you know what it takes to prepare, deliver and arrange delicious food for a special event or occasion.

But what about blogging? Do you know how to prepare and deliver top quality content potential customers will find, read and act upon?

One of the hardest parts of blogging for your catering business, any business in fact, is knowing what to blog about in the first place. Not just once, but again and again, week after week.

You’ve hopefully come to realise mere news updates about your company are doing little to enthuse readers and attract new customers.

So what are the alternatives? How can you attract leads through your catering blog?

10 Catering Blog Post Ideas
I’ve assembled ten blog posts idea templates specifically for catering company blogs. Feel free to use them when developing your, or your client’s content or inbound marketing strategies. Each caterer blog post idea here can be used multiple times with small adjustments based on your catering services, location, customers, staff, and menus.

Together with each idea I’ve also provided an example with a keyword phrase, title suggestion and content outline. Consider this your very own catering blog menu.

1. What’s on the Menu?
Concept: Develop a series of catering blog posts covering the best dishes you create and the different types of food you can provide. Write about special desserts, canapés or buffet lunches that are especially popular with customers. What do they look like and what are the ingredients? Show some photographs and details for what event or function they’re most appropriate.


Keyword phrase: buffet food

Title suggestion: Buffet Food: Duck and Pork Terrine with Cranberries and Pistachios

Content suggestion: Create a blog post showcasing this delicious buffet dish ideal for corporate or wedding events. Share some photos of the dish together with details of the ingredients, how it’s made and what other foods and drinks can go well with it.

Why?: Ideal for catching the interest of regional search engine visitors.

2. Catering Events
Concept: Detail the various events, functions and venues where you serve food on your catering blog. Write about why people hire you for these occasions and the benefits you bring to each one. Cover some of the various factors you and your clients consider before, during and after each event. Showcase some of the best foods (and other services you might provide) for different types of venue from weddings and evening receptions to Christmas lunches and corporate buffets.


Keyword phrase: (location) wedding catering

Title suggestion: Kent Wedding Catering for Large Summer Bridal Receptions

Content suggestion: Write about the catering services you can provide for weddings during the summer months when the weather is warm. Talk about the different dishes you serve and the various options such as buffet snacks, canapés and larger meals.

Why?: You’ll be able to attract local prospects seeking particular events they need food for.

3. Catering Updates
Concept: Update your catering blog’s readers on the events and functions you cater during the week they take place. Share photographs of the occasion and blog about the type of food required, the planning, the logistics and the location. What ideas did you give the event organisers? How did you fulfill their requirements? Which foods were particularly popular? If it’s a particularly interesting venue, write about its history, significance and splendour.


Keyword phrase: cocktail party

Title suggestion: Catering for a Cocktail Party at (name of company)’s Major Product Launch

Content suggestion: A big well-known company in your area hired you to provide catering for their latest product launch. Write about the event, the company, and food and drink you provided on your catering blog. Share photos if you can and note what the atmosphere was like and even what you thought of the unveiling (although keep it positive).

Why?: You’ll show readers and prospects the impressive events you cater for which will likely entice them to hire your services.

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