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unique gynaecologist in tambaram

I am a gynaecologist, practicing at BLK Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi. At other times, I am a dreamer, thinker, and a writer . An active blogger, I contribute poems and stories to many anthologies and publications. I also have an anthology of poems, The Dewdrops…a Journey begins.
I started writing early, but compulsions in life took over, and I moved from the world of literature to the world of medicine. Medicine in itself is a very engrossing field, and though it kept me tied up, the sensitive side of a writer developed in those years as I experienced pain, suffering, and grief. It taught me compassion and became an outlet in my tense moments. I was always fascinated by surgery, but “general surgery” was mostly a male domain back then, so I took to obstetrics & gynaecology.

The beauty of my branch is that it doesn’t deal with pathology, but only an altered physiology. It is the only place in the in my life came when I lost my mother. It was almost like a physical pain. That is when I took to serious writing. There is ancient wisdom in putting your feelings in words. Just as you see the orange light at the traffic signal and hit the brake, when you put your feelings into words, you hit the brakes on your hospital where one celebrates. There is something so awe inspiring about the moment when “life” opens its beautiful eyes that makes me love my branch more.
The defining moment emotional responses and start healing. Writing became therapeutic, and that’s how poetry happened to me. But I realized people didn’t read much poetry, and publishers were not very keen to publish it.
But there I was, at a loss to what I should actually write. I thought about everything – a nondescript but nomadic childhood, some romantic notions I might have nursed once, even my ill-sustained attempts at humour. Nothing was quite convincing.

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