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How to beautify the house during quarantine

In this period of quarantine, caused by the health emergency of the new coronavirus, many people are forced to stay at home, to contain the spread of the virus.

Except for those who worked from home before the emergency and for those who do not work, and who were already used to it, spending so much time in their own four walls is not easy.

Yes, because it is one thing to spend a few days relaxing at home, in the company of loved ones, another is having to live it naturally for an indefinite time (to date).

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After a while the house becomes an inhospitable, claustrophobic, unwelcoming place, it is inevitable.

Maybe, since we don't have to receive visits, we end up paying a little less attention to order, or to certain details that, in the end, make the difference.

Here, this is a serious mistake, and in this article we want to give some advice to beautify the house during the quarantine making it a pleasant and welcoming place in which to "serve the sentence" .

1) Dedicated to daily cleaning

A clean house gives an undeniable feeling of well-being , especially in this period of quarantine during which we spend more time all together.

By the way, good home hygiene at this stage appears even more important than usual to prevent infections.

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Many people, in these weeks of imprisonment, have thought well of anticipating the classic spring cleaning, also carrying out cleaning and extraordinary maintenance in addition to the ordinary daily one.

In any case, cleaning the house and making it shine puts you in a good mood , even in such a distressing period as the one we are experiencing.

2) Keep all the rooms tidy

Living at home indefinitely generates an inevitable level of disorder greater than normal , for the simple fact that the rooms are lived 24 hours a day by all the members of the family.

In fact, while in normal conditions the house remains empty or half-empty for most of the day, because you go out for work, school, various errands, during the quarantine at most you can move from one room to another.

In Curacao houses there has always been the habit of preparing a representative room, a room in which to welcome guests, to be kept clean and tidy like a wedding favor.

Now it's more difficult, especially if you also have to carve out a space to work from home.

For this reason, it is important to try to keep all the rooms in order , to make them comfortable and functional at any time of the day.

3) Declutter once and for all

If you are at home and you have, unfortunately or fortunately, a little more free time, you could finally do one of those things that you have been putting off for months (if not years!): Throwing away the superfluous.

Technically it is called decluttering or the removal from the house of everything that is not needed and will not be needed even in the near future.

We obviously refer to all those odds and ends that are crammed into the closets, closets, cellars and attics of our homes , sometimes for years, and which we really don't know what to do with them.

Here, the time has come to clean up and get rid of everything you don't need.

In this way, in addition to taking up time, you can make room in the house.

4) Bring in the sunlight

Staying indoors for a long time generates an understandable feeling of oppression , and not everyone is lucky enough to have verandas, gardens or outdoor spaces on their property where they can go to get some air.

By the way, the temperatures in this period are still quite rigid , so the idea of ​​sitting with a chair and a table outside on the balcony is not feasible.

To counteract this claustrophobic sensation , we recommend opening curtains, shutters and shutters during the day, to let in sunlight.

The beneficial and therapeutic effect of sunlight on mood is widely demonstrated , and never as in this period do we need to support our mood.

5) Add some color

Unfortunately in this period, at least until today, among the activities closed by decree there are also florists and nurseries, so you cannot beautify the house by adding a little fresh flowers and a few seedlings .

To overcome this limit, hopefully temporary, you could focus on color.


  • Choose colorful blankets and pillows on beds and sofas;
  • Choose rugs with more spring patterns in the various rooms;
  • Replace the heavy fabric curtains used in winter with something thinner and more muted colors;
  • Add colored runners on tables, sideboards and sideboards;
  • If possible, try to occupy some bare walls by adding prints, photos, frames;
  • Arrange on furniture, shelves, shelves, some colored objects and furnishings, capable of giving joy.

Obviously, not being able to leave the house to go and buy what you need, you will need to sharpen your wits a bit and focus heavily on DIY.

In addition to beautifying your home, you can also take up some free time and carry out activities in the company of your loved ones.

6) Perfume the house

Well-being does not only pass through the eyes, but also from the other senses. In particular, the sense of smell.

Entering a room and feeling a pleasant scent immediately puts you in a good mood , and gives you wonderful sensations.

In addition to the smell of clean - beautiful! - you can place some scented candles in the rooms , to light for a few hours during the day.

They will give a good perfume and a very welcoming atmosphere.

If you don't have scented candles at home , you can opt for potpourri , essence burners , room air freshener , or for some slightly more "improvised" natural alternative , but equally effective.

We are sure that you will find many tutorials online to make candles or home perfumers.


As you can see, with small tricks you can give your home a slightly more refined and welcoming appearance, to spend the quarantine in the best possible way.

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Waiting to go out and resume life as always, it is important to try to make the limits that have been imposed bearable.

Beautifying the house , or the place where you are, willy-nilly, confined to the moment, is a great way to achieve the goal .

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