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Reasons to use a premium Avast antivirus plan

Today cyber threats are getting more dangerous and threatening. People use the internet for almost every job. Everyone knows the danger regarding the internet but we can’t stop using the internet because our lifestyle and work environment is hugely based on the internet. The best thing we can do is use the internet securely. Indeed no security is perfect but taking security measures minimizes the risks. Using an antivirus is one of the most preferred methods of securing your device from the threats. But the question is which antivirus is best for your device?

The answer is in your device compatibility and use.

There are various types of antivirus plans available in the market which differ in rates and specifications. Many people wonder whether they use a premium plan or freeware. Many antiviruses provide good freeware but the number of security tools is very less. If you want good security then you must go for Avast antivirus. Avast antivirus provides good features in its premium as well as in freeware. But if you use the internet then you must use a premium plan to get more security features. 

Avast malware protection

Avast antivirus provides advanced malware protection in its premium as well as in a freeware plan. But if you get the premium plan then you will get better security as it can protect your device from all types of malware such as viruses, spyware, worms, adware, Trojan Horses, etc. But the freeware can only deal with viruses. Avast antivirus also provides a free trial where you can use all the advanced features of Avast antivirus for a month. But if you don’t like the features then you can  Avast cancel subscription easily. Avast also provides good real-time protection; if any virus enters your device; Avast will detect it and will remove it immediately. 

Browser protection

Avast also takes care of your internet searches. Many people are not aware that your browser can be a backdoor for malware. Malware such as adware checks your browser history. Keyloggers can steal your credentials from the web browser. You should always use a secure web browser. Avast provides a browser protection feature that checks every URL you are accessing. It tells you which websites are safe to use and which are not. Whenever you click on a suspicious URL, Avast will immediately alert you from accessing the site. This tool also prevents keyloggers and adware from stealing your credentials and other information.

Personal Firewall

The premium plan of Avast antivirus also provides you with a personal firewall that can prevent all the malicious URLs on your network. While browsing; many malware tries to enter your network. When you click on a malicious URL; malware may enter your device. But if you have an Avast firewall then you don’t have to worry about a malicious infection because it can block all the suspicious traffic. If keeps an eye on the incoming traffic and blocks every packet which looks suspicious. Sometimes it can also interrupt your installation process if you are installing any third party or a malicious program. Avast firewall also checks your outgoing traffic which means if some hacker is trying to steal your information; Avast will blocks it,

Email scans

Avast email scan tool checks every email before sending it to your inbox. Email can be used for spreading malware. Hackers send an email that looks genuine to the user. Hacker attached a malicious file with the email. When the user opens the email; malware gets installed on the device. The email scan tool checks your email and determines for malware. If the email is carrying any malware then Avast will send the email directly to the spam folder. If the email is fully secure then only Avast will send the email to the inbox folder. This tool is very helpful for minimizing the phishing attacks. 

File shredder

When you delete any file from the disk it gets temporarily removed. Indeed you will get the free space but data is still on your computer. Hackers can use backup tools for restoring the data which means they will get your data without your concern. But if you use a data shredder tool then no one can get the file back. The data shredder tool not only removes the file from the disk but also fills it with gibberish content. If a hacker tries to steal your information; he will only get the gibberish content. It is a very crucial tool for disposing of your important and personal files. You will get this tool only in premium versions of Avast antivirus. 


Avast provides a sandbox tool which is an excellent tool for checking your files. If you want to open a file but you are not sure whether the file is secure or not then make use of the sandbox tool. Sandbox creates a virtual space where you can easily check your files whether they are secure to access or not. There is no effect on your device if you open a malicious file on the sandbox. After checking the file; you can easily determine whether you want to keep the file or not.

Password Manager

Avast password manager is a powerful tool to secure your passwords. Indeed you use passwords for securing the accounts but if your passwords are not strong then they are of no use. But if you use strong and lengthy passwords then remembering them is not easy. Password managers keep all your passwords securely on the cloud which means you can easily access your passwords anytime. All your usernames and passwords are saved in encrypted form so nobody can steal your data.

Automatic Software Update

Outdated software can be very dangerous for your device because malware can easily enter on outdated software. People often forget to update their software. If you have an Avast tool; it will automatically update all your software from time to time.

Other than these features, Avast also provides cyber capture, secure DNS, home network security, and various other advanced security tools. 

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