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DIY Renovation Ideas: A budget transformation to your dream house


DIY or Do it yourself is a way of creating, renovating, and re-designing the overall look of a household without taking the help of renovation experts. DIY renovation ideas include the use of raw, semi-raw materials, metals, broken furniture pieces, faded paints, natural colors, and unused materials to design and transform an overall household. You can use creativity for re-designing walls, house painting, furniture re-modeling, painting, etc. and improve your home design with DIY ideas. These ideas can also be implied through craftwork and construction projects and these are cost-saving. In this article, we will talk about common renovation ideas.

Renovation Ideas

1. Maintain budget: Before starting renovation, check your finances, and make the budget accordingly. Usually, no renovation works out according to plan because of budget failure. Maintaining a budget will save you a lot of time and make your work easy.

2. Choose ideas: Before starting to renovate, do some research on house design ideas. Get ideas for home improvement from articles, artworks, magazines, the internet, etc. Use your imagination and creativity to mix these ideas for creating a new design for your home. But don't copy any design idea fully.

3. Paint: First of all, think of giving your house a fresh look with a new coat of paint. Fresh house painting gives an elegant look and creates a huge difference in the living atmosphere. You will feel a change of mind and feel inspired to renovate the whole household. Paint the inside of the house will light colors and the outside of the house with dark colors to make it more attractive. You can also paint the outside of the house with mixed colors but make sure that the colors shades match one another.

4. Furniture: Rearrange the furniture in your home, or buy some new ones. You can use small coffee tables, fancy bookshelves, wooden chairs, different shaped beds, showcases, sofa sets, dining tables, etc. to re-furnish the household. Rip of old carpets, curtains, doormats, wallpapers, etc. and replace these with polished floorboards, polished concrete, new curtains, new mats, wallpapers, etc.

5. Bathroom: To renovate the bathroom, you need to use your creativity according to the bathroom size and everything you keep in it. Focus on creating more room and acquiring more space for new stuff. You can use various shaped shelves, cupboards, etc. to keep all the bath stuff like towels, soaps, shampoo bottles, etc. You can also use pedestal sinks to save some more space. Keeping more space will help you to keep your bathroom clean and fresh.

6. Living room: Remove unnecessary stuff from the living room for creating space. You can turn big old furniture into one or two small-sized furniture by re-shaping and re-designing. This process will save your money and you will be able to use newly made up furniture to store things or just for giving the living room a new look. You can use lamps, shelves, small wooden tables, sofa-sets, tea-tables, candle sets, carpets, etc. to give the living room an elegant look. 

7. Bedroom: To renovate your bedroom, first think of adjusting the bed in the right place. In a room, a bed should be in a place where you can sleep well and feel a lot of space. So, after you adjust the bed, you need to set up your other furniture. Re-design the other furniture to use bedroom space efficiently. You can use solid wood chairs, a small sofa or couch, wardrobe, dressing table, etc. in your bedroom to re-furnish it. Also,light colors like blue, green, pink, etc. will help you to help you sleep calmly.

8. Kitchen & other: For renovating the kitchen, painting the walls and replacing all the broken areas can give your kitchen a brand-new look. Try a light color and don't use mixed up colors. Instead of knocking out tiles, you can paint those too. Use creativity to paint the kitchen walls and design the floors. You can use cupboards, standalone sinks, to keep in the laundry room, and later use these for storage purposes.


Making significant changes to your home will not require a big budget if you follow the common DIY renovation ideas. You can create the most noticeable designs and paintings for your home by making small changes with DIY ideas. If you want to start a renovation, take your time to create ideas and use your imagination to enjoy the DIY home renovation process. Learn more from here:-

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