Plumbing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since its first use ages ago. Today it is this advancement in plumbing technology that has helped sustain the massive urban sprawl seen in every city of the world. And when you talk of plumbing, the most indispensable components within the system are pipes and their fittings.

Copper as a Material for Piping Systems

In a majority of plumbing applications, copper is used as a plumbing material for many reasons. Copper as a material is tough and long lasting and at the same time sufficiently soft to not get shattered upon impact. The durability aspect of copper makes it a preferred material for outdoor and underground piping. Its natural resistance to bacteria growth is another advantage that ensures the cleanliness of your water supply. Its high melting point prevents it from being deformed in events like a fire outbreak.Copper piping may be expensive and require a professional for installation but that is the price to pay for durability.

Fittings & Valves

An indispensable component of the piping and plumbing system are fittings and valves and each one of the different varieties has an important function to perform. Fittings and valves help in manipulating the movement of gas, liquid waste and water within the piping system in commercial or household settings. Specific varieties like the double check valve act as a back flow prevention device and help in protecting water supplies from being contaminated while down pipe fittings play a significant role in the gutter system of your building.

The material used for fittings and valves in almost every case is the same as that of the base material used for the pipes. So if your pipes are made of copper, you will see copper pipe fittings or copper plumbing fittings going alongside in the residential structures. Bronze and brass fittings are also compatible with copper plumbing systems.

Benefits of Using Good Plumbing Supplies

If you want to obtain the benefits of higher investment in copper plumbing and piping systems it is essential to source your plumbing supplies from well-known suppliers. Using cheaper materials for your piping may prove costlier in the long run and in some cases may also be a cause of risk to your life. Top quality materials only offer better home protection.

In addition to maintaining the reliability of your system, good plumbing supplies are significant from the point of aesthetics of your home.Such items are not replaced on a regular basis and hence it is best to get top quality at the first time.

Using top quality materials helps in reducing maintenance costs. Investing more at the initial stage helps in saving money on repair works in the days to come.

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