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How to clean lab-grown diamonds?


Indeed, earth diamonds are the most expensive and most durable material in the world. The lab-grown diamonds have almost the same quality as the earth diamonds. So, they are also durable and strong like the mined diamonds.

The lab grown diamonds New Zealand is not that costly. Also, you can get a good price by selling them. But, if you don’t take care of them properly, they may get discolored quickly. Consequently, you will get a very poor selling price for them.

Guidelines for cleaning a lab-grown diamond

Do you have a dirty diamond ring? Want to clean it? Allow us to show you the guidelines for cleaning a diamond ring effectively. The cleaning process of other diamond jewelry is the same as the cleaning diamond ring.

Things you need

  • A soft toothbrush
  • A small clean towel
  • A Tweezers
  • A bowel and water
  • Mild detergent


Things to do

Step 1: At first, choose a brighter place where you can see even tiny dirt clearly.

Step 2: After that, put the diamond ring inside the bowl’s water. Keep the ring inside the water for some time.

Step 3: Bring out the diamond ring from the water with the tweezers. Take detergent with the soft toothbrush and do the brushing.

Step 4: Continue the brushing till the dirt removes.

Step 5: Again, put the ring into the clean water. Rinse the diamond ring inside the water until the stain removes.

Step 6: Now, bring out the clean diamond ring and check whether any dirt over the ring is left or not.

Step 7: Still, if you find any dirt on the ornament, then repeat the same cleaning process. Or else, dry the soaked ring with a soft clean towel.

See! It is not so difficult to clean the diamond ring. So, don't be afraid. You may think you will harm your diamond ring when cleaning it. But that will not happen. Our guidelines will give you consecutive directions about how to clean lab grown diamond New Zealand.

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