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Brief on Types &Role of Valves in the Plumbing System

Plumbing problems are quite common in most of the households necessitating the need to call for a professional plumber. Plumbing fittings and plumbing supplies which form an important part of the plumbing system have to be of top quality to ensure the reduction of the recurrence of plumbing crisis in every home and commercial establishment. Plumbing system consists of many parts and all of them are required to function well for successful operation of the entire system.

Role of Valves in the Plumbing System

Different types of valves, tap connectors and several other fittings are available in the market to fulfill the varied requirements of customers. The need for plumbing Valves arises from the fact that different household appliances need differing levels of water flow. Bathtubs need greater flow of water while the basin requires lesser amounts. Higher flow rate of water can lead to water wastage if it is not really needed for the application besides causing user inconvenience. Valves assume importance in this context as they help in raising or lowering the water flow to ensure its minimum wastage. It is a device that can switch the water pipes on and offor change the speed of the water flow passing through the pipe.

Functions of Valves

Valves perform three functions and they are named according to the function performed by them. So, you have the start/stop valve; throttle/control valve and the non-return valve. The first category of valves merely stops or starts the water flow without having anything to do with changing its direction. The second category regulates the flow’s capacity and speed as it moves through the supply system. The third category is the check valve and this one checks the flow’s direction and ensures that water flows through them in a single direction. Its major use is to prevent the water flowing back into the system.

Types of Valves

There are different types of valves depending upon the function category they belong to. You have the gate valve, float valve, scour valve, bypass valve, reflux valve, flap valve, pressure relief valve and pressure reducing valve. Among these, the role of the float valve is of significance inthe context of an elevated tank or service reservoir or stand pipe. The valve is connected to a hollow airtight float through a rigid bar that is fixed above the tank. In household applications the float valve is fixed in flush tanks or tanks meant for storing water. It stops the flow of water on the filling up of the tank.

One another plumbing pipe fittings that proves greatly useful in household and commercial establishments is the flexible tap connector. This is useful for units where accessibility is difficult. Whatever be the push fit plumbing fitting it is always essential to source it from reputed suppliers as that ensures the longevity of your application. On-demand Supplies is one such reputed supplier based in Gloucestershire area and offers delivery of its products to a lot of mainland UK destinations.

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