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Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Injuries

Many patients struggling with knee, shoulder, or hip injuries, are unable to find relief with conservative treatments. They are often told that the only option left is a joint replacement. A joint replacement is a major surgery that requires weeks or months of recovery with painful rehabilitation.

Fortunately, these patients now have another treatment option that is minimally invasive –

Stem Cell Therapy.

Why stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy involvesthe use of stem cells from your own body to allow your injury to heal. Doctors will extract adult stem cells from your own fat tissue, prepare them in a concentrated form and then inject them directly at the site of the injury or damaged tissues

Stem cells have the unique potential to turn into manydifferent types of cells – cartilage, ligament and bone. Stem cells are the body’s own cells that repair and regenerate tissues but with age their ability and quantity may diminish. So, they can be taken from other tissues and a concentrate can be directly injected into the damaged tissue to stimulate the natural healing mechanism. As a result, the patient should regain function and motion, as before the injury, along with several other advantages.

No missed time

Since stem cell treatment is minimally invasive, and can be done as an outpatient procedure, patients do not need to take much time off work or other responsibilities. They may only need to take a few hours or a day for medical appointments or physical therapy. But this is so much more convenient than the hospitalization and weeks or months of prolonged recovery or rehabilitation, required after a surgery.

Norisks of major surgery nor rejection

Major surgery carries the risks of infection, complications because of anesthesia, and more. While no medical treatment is 100% risk-free, with stem cell therapy, the risks are very low, especially because the cells have been taken from the patient’s own body

Joint replacements are not forever

Joint replacements last 20 years or so. If you’re relatively young, you don’t want to undergo another surgery years later. The healing effectsof stem cell therapy can last as long as you do.

You don’t need opioid medications

Many patients need opioid medications after surgery, which carries the risk of dependence and tolerance. Stem cell therapy doesn’t require you to take any opioids.

For some patients, joint replacement surgery may truly be the only option to deal with the pain and to restore function. But before giving it a go ahead, it’s worth taking the time to learn more about stem cell treatment.

To learn more about stem cell therapy, call one of the most trusted stem cell clinics inBeverly hills, Bay Area, and Los Angeles, call Advanced Stem Cell Institute at 855-937-7836 today.

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