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What Makes the Best Mexican Food Melbourne has: Spicy or Mild?

When one thinks of Mexican food, their first thought is often of spicy food that leaves them thirsty for a glass of refreshing water due to how hot it is. However, not all Mexican dishes are spicy and many use chillies to deliver a different flavour entirely. Far from being one-note, the North American country actually has one of the most diverse arrays of food. That means that even if you don’t enjoy spicy food, you’ll still find something great at Mad Mex, which delivers the best Mexican food Melbourne residents crave by using natural ingredients.

The flavour of Mexican food can vary wildly depending on what part of the country you are in. The spicy and bold food that is traditionally recognised as Mexican food internationally is typically found in the northern part of the country. Meanwhile, if you travel south to Mexico City, you’ll find more mild tasting food that is still full of flavour and is delicious to eat. Rather than spicy habaneros, sweet chillies are used in other parts of the country, while savoury meals with a rich taste can be found near the Oaxaca mountain range. With so much variety, you’ll likely want to get a taste of what each region has to offer. Thankfully, the menu at Mad Mex is filled with variety, so you will only have to make one stop to get the best Mexican food Melbourne has to offer.

A lot of Mad Mex’s repeat customers love the spicy offerings on our menu and come specifically for it. However, don’t let that stop you from coming in if you prefer milder offerings. We know that spicy Mexican food can be overwhelming to those that are not used to it, and that the taste must be acquired over time. Not only do we offer plenty of other flavourful varieties on the menu, but our burritos can be customised any way you like it. If you want a milder dish, then it’s easy to accomplish by our professional cooks. We won’t judge you if you’re just starting to dabble with spicy food and want to build your tolerance over time.

That being said, Mad Mex also cater towards those that love tasty food. We’ve got plenty of dishes that will test your tolerance such as our Insane Honey Chipotle BBQ wings that are extra hot thanks to puréed habaneros. If you love spiciness, then you’ll quickly realise why we’re theMexican food Melbournelocals love. We’re proud to offer up authentic Mexican food that is built on natural ingredients and a love for boldness.

What’s really fantastic about Mexican cuisine is that it really has something for everyone. Whether you prefer something sweet or want to enjoy a healthy burrito that is tailored to your individual needs, we’re happy to serve you. Mexican food brings everyone together, and we’ve carefully refined out menu to make sure that we’re the best Mexican food Melbourne has ever had. Grab some friends and get ready to have a great time before setting out on your next adventure!

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