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Why We Love Navajo Jewelry (And You Should Too!)

Few things give us as much joy as finding authentic Native American jewelry. After all, there is something special about them; they are elegant, durable, and have an interesting visual appeal that makes you reach out for them every time. They end up becoming the only statement pieces your outfits are ever going to need!

Out of all of the available ones, Navajo sterling silver cuff bracelets and squash blossom necklaces are our hot favorites. But why do we love them so much and believe from the bottom of our hearts that you should get some too? What makes Navajo jewelry stand apart from the rest? We have mentioned the reasons below:

Cultural significance of the materials used

You will find ample use of turquoise stones on Navajo beaded bracelets and necklaces. This goes back to the tribe’s belief that this precious stone brings good health, happiness, luck, and represents our connection to nature. In fact, Navajo people also used to hang it near entrances as it was believed to ward off evil and bad luck. With such a rich history behind them, why wouldn’t we love such jewelry?

They are beautiful

Put on Navajo sterling silver cuff bracelets and you will immediately make heads turn. The originals that are made by Navajo artists display impeccable craftsmanship and are made of extremely sturdy materials. In addition to this, the styles and techniques of designing such pieces have been passed down from generation to generation and perfected over time. Intricate details, ethic, and handcrafted with love - you are going to get a lot of compliments when you start experimenting with Navajo jewelry!

They are unique

If you are looking to add dimension to your daily wear, this is the way to go. Unlike mass-produced trinkets, Navajo beaded bracelets are made by artists who love what they do. They experiment with different techniques, use naturally-occurring materials, and also mostly stick to traditional tools so that you end up with an exceptional piece that’s one in a million.

They complement every outfit!

Whether you are a denim girl, crush on sundresses, or stick to your easy-going style every time, you can accentuate your look immediately by adding a piece of Navajo jewelry to the mix. It adds a hint of drama when ‘oomph’ and flair is what you want, and also throws in a pinch of sophistication when elegance is what you are looking for. So, they are essentially your best friends!

Your closet is incomplete without Navajo-inspired necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We suggest that you use this time to stock up!

Author’s Bio: The writer is a retailer of Navajo beaded bracelets.

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