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Is Your Merchant Services Sales Jobs Service As Good As Gold?

The gold standard--it's an expression that we all want our credit card processing services to live up to.

But to determine if your services live up to it, you first need to know what is not the gold standard in the card payment processing industry.

It isn't getting a merchant to sign by just offering the lowest price.

It isn't about giving a technical support number and then leaving your merchants to fend for themselves.

It's not about giving clients free supplies or equipment.

Yes, these things may appear valuable, but are they valuable to our merchants? Maybe in the short term, but definitely not for the long run.

Because who pays for the lowest prices and free supplies or equipment? Usually, it's taken from the Independent Sales Agent's future earnings, but there's no certainty that the merchant will stay with you for enough time to make up for that cost.

No, the gold standard in Merchant Services Sales Jobs isn't about freebies, deals or gimmicks. Rather, you could define it as "a long-term relationship built on trust."

For merchants, this means that their salesperson respects their needs. They're always looking out for them, even without them asking.

For those in credit card payment processing, the benefits of long-term relationships are obvious. The longer merchants are with us, the more we make off of them. And because this long-term relationship creates trust, our merchants become our greatest ambassadors, singing our praises and bringing us future business.

When our industry appears inefficient or only in for itself, it's usually because we've forgotten this gold standard of the long-term, trusting relationship. Here are three easy ways to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Be there.

Your job doesn't end when you sign the merchant. Keep in touch so that you can offer your help and advice. You don't have to meet with them face-to-face all the time. Newsletters, phone calls and emails will work as well.

Be transparent.

Let your merchants know any news immediately--both the good and the bad. Also, give them information in a format that's easy to digest. This applies to your ISO partner as well.

Be their expert.

Merchants know everything about their industry. And while you don't need to know as much as they do, you do need to develop some expertise, too. This will help you know what their needs are--and which of your credit card processing services will meet them.

Remember--it's okay if you don't know the answer to all of their questions. Just tell your merchants you'll do some research and get back to them. Then follow up on that promise.

What's your gold standard in credit card payment processing? Let us know with a comment below.

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