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Corn Light Bulb: Why You Must Consider Your Regular Lighting With Corn Light Bul

LED lighting was a breakthrough in lighting solutions and soon became popular among homeowners and businesses. It is now one of the most favorable lighting options to exist. There are many varieties available in this segment that people can utilize according to their individual requirements. One option in LED lighting that is getting very popular is Corn Light Bulb. It is being called as the fourth generation illumination source or green light source. It has various characteristics that lead to its popularity and it can be widely used in various fields such as indication, display, decoration, backlight, general illumination, and urban night scene. If you are considering switching to corn light bulbs, but still on the fence about it, listed below benefits will surely change your mind. 

Better Utilization Of Energy

Your lighting choice accounts for a major part of your energy bill. If you are still relying on traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, you must be aware of the energy bills you pay on a regular basis and how it affects you every single time. You are not only using a lot of energy but also wasting it. With E26 led bulbs you can better utilize the energy as they turn up to 90% of energy into direct light compared to traditional lights that waste over 80% of energy in the form of heat.

It Lasts Longer

LED lights are known for their long-lasting qualities and the same you will enjoy with corn bulb and cob bulb. Being directional, they illuminate the precise space you want to and also don’t heat up as much, working perfectly with controls like occupational sensors. If you will be turning them on and off frequently, you won’t have to worry about them failing to work or causing any other problem.

Sturdy & Shatterproof

You must have changed a number of glass bulbs over the years because they shatter or stop working at all almost suddenly. This happens because they have a thin glass shell that is prone to breakage under high pressure. However, this is not something that you have to deal with corn light bulbs and 480v warehouse lights. Their composition of sturdy high-quality plastic housing makes them resistant to shocks and vibrations. What’s more is that they are also able to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain or cold temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor lighting as well. 

So, without further ado, select corn light bulbs for your space from seasoned seller online. If you find this type of lighting a little pricy, don’t be afraid to expand your budget as you will only get complete value for your money over the years through corn light bulb.

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