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How To Breed & Preserve Hemp Seeds/Strains At Home

If you are interested in breeding your own Hemp seeds and strains at home but not clear about the ideas and formula to make it possible, this article will help you with some amazing tricks and knowledge. 

We break down some of the easy ways that will help you breeding as well as in preserving seeds at home. Moreover, to obtain a good result, you can buy seeds from reputed breeders like Cannarado genetics seeds as it is important to have the quality seeds to attain the best results and cultivation. 

Let’s begin!

Breeding hemp seeds are not easy, even not so difficult. Home growers that have good knowledge of cultivation and are packed with seeds growing techniques can turn from a home grower to a breeder. But only if as a home grower, you do it in the right way. Most of the people usually avoid in-between steps and do not receive the expected results. Creating feminized seeds and hybrid is achievable with the ideal factors. Even most of the strains have become popular that was created by home growers. 

However, it might not be possible to grow your own seed bank, but yes, as a home grower, you can start small-scale breeding – it is a viable option. The best part is, you do not need to masters a degree; just your experience and seeds growing techniques will help you. 

How To Preserve Seeds?


Taking cuttings from a hemp plant is an amazing way to preserve a strain. However, sometimes prized varieties are available for the growers. Cloning is a skill that can be learned easily and even an essential technique for breeders to reach the high success rate inbreeding. 

“Note: As a grower, do not miss cloning to preserve strain as it is the best and cheapest way to go with.”


Feminized seeds can be produced with just a female clone. These kinds of seeds carry only the genetics of the mother. So, to achieve this, the grower must cross the female plant to induce self-pollination. 

Most home growers usually stress the flowering female to produce a few seeds, but it could affect the flower's quality.

“Note: Selfing is commonly applied to clone only varieties to convert it to feminized seeds.” 

These are quite a few ways, but you have more methods to preserve your favorite strain and turn them into a new strain of their own. However, while going with any preserving method, ensure that you have bought seeds from a reputed breeder like Cannarado genetics seeds and more to accomplish the best result. 


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