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Tips For Dining In Best Indian Restaurant During Pandemic

Many of us were looking forward to dining in the best Indian restaurant in New York but will have to wait a bit longer because the authorities decided to indefinitely delay easing restrictions on indoor dining. Fortunately, you can still dine outdoors at your favorite Indian food place with the usual precaution like covering your face in public.

While it would be safer to stick to takeaway and delivery orders, you might be tempted to dine out after being cooped up at home for months. If you do give in to the temptation, you need to take some precautions and spend as little time outside as possible for your safety.

How To Safely Dine In Best Indian Restaurants

Cover Your Face

While you can remove your mask once you take your seat at the best Indian restaurant in New York, it’s better to keep it on while you are not eating or drinking. You also need to keep it on while you aren’t seated. This includes waiting for a pickup order, walking to or from the table and walking to and from the washroom. You don’t have to wear a surgical mask, a cloth mask is enough as long as it covers your nose and mouth.

Take Temperature Checks

While the staff cannot force you to let them check your temperature, you should allow them to do it. If you have a fever, you can recover at home and keep everyone safe. If you don’t have a fever, the staff can rest easy knowing that they are safe.

Find Out Which Restaurants Are Open For Outdoor Dining

While many restaurants have set up outdoor dining areas, many haven’t either due to concerns about the pandemic or because there isn’t enough space. You should contact the best Indian takeout in NYC or visit their website to see whether they are open for outdoor dining or not before going. If it isn’t, then you can either stick to takeaways or search for other restaurants that have set up dining areas.

Pay Contactless

There is a slight chance that you may catch an infection while exchanging cash or card. You should use contactless payment methods like an online transaction or mobile transaction. If you need to use cash or card, then sanitize them after use.

Order Ahead

The best Indian restaurants in New York are encouraging patrons to place orders before arriving. This is safer as you don’t spend too much time deciding what to eat and spend less time outside, which reduces the risk of infection. You can place your orders online or through a phone call. You should confirm what’s available on the menu because many of your favorite items may be unavailable due to the lack of ingredients or chefs being on leave.

Maintain Social Distance

Keep a distance of six feet from everyone at the restaurant who is not part of your party. Many restaurants have demarcated their place to ensure that their customers follow the norm, especially at the outdoor bar and toilets.

Leave As Quickly As Possible

You might want to savor some butter chicken at the best Indian restaurants in New York City, but the less time you spend outside, the safer you’ll be. You should finish your meal as soon as possible, pay the bill and leave.

Cooperate With Staff

You may be on edge after staying cooped up at home for months but don’t take it out on the staff. They’re also on edge due to the stress of having to work to keep food on the table despite the pandemic. You need to keep your calm and cooperate with the staff for a pleasant lunch.

Make Reservations

It might be difficult to find seats at the best Indian restaurants in New York because many people are dining out after being cooped up at their houses. Also, there are only so many tables a restaurant can set up outdoors. If possible, you should reserve a table before going so that you don’t have to wait for one to become available. Present guidelines allow only ten people per table, which shouldn’t be an issue for you in most cases.

Shower After Returning

Once you return from lunch, take a nice shower and wash your clothes to get rid of any pathogens on you. Wash and lather all spots on your body with soap and shampoo to clean yourself thoroughly.

These are just some tips to dine safely at your favorite Indian food place. You should stick to the best Indian takeout in NYC as much as possible to stay safe while getting some fresh air.

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