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Marketing Tools Every Business Must Get From Printing Services

Even though the marketing trend is shifting in favor of digital marketing, print marketing continues to be a reliable and cost-effective way to promote your business. Business owners continue to contract printing services in Denver CO to create signboards, letterheads, business cards, etc.

They add credibility to your business because they’re tangible. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, you must have a few print materials. They can be effective in earning clients for your business as long as you design and use them properly.

Print Materials Every Business Must Have

- Signboards

It doesn’t matter whether you own restaurants or hosting services in Denver, every business can use a signboard to mark the building you work in as yours. It will help potential clients and employees find your business. You may need permits from local authorities to put them up though.

Your board can also help with the brand building if you use your logo, color scheme and fonts. Other than your name, address and contact details, you can also mention your main services if you have enough space.

- Business Cards

People tend to underestimate how powerful a business card can be. It can help you build a good impression and earn clients for your PPC services in Denver. Even though clients can save your contact details on the phone, they tend to ask for the business card because it takes less time to grab a card than to type the details.

They add a sense of professionalism to your company with their neat and clean design. You must always have some cards in stock in case you meet a new client. You must also print cards for employees who need to interact with new clients.

- Letterheads

Even though emails are generally considered legally valid documents, letters have that extra credibility because you can touch them. And a letterhead with your logo/watermark and contact details makes it official. Many hosting services in Denver use letters to communicate with their clients about their contracts, bills, announcements, etc.

They also make for memorable offer letters as employees preserve them for later. You can also use letters in your direct mail campaigns to promote new products, services, and offers. It’s always nice to have a stack of letterheads in case you need to draft an official statement immediately. Though you can save and use a template on your desktop at any time.

- Envelopes

Why limit your branding effort to the letter when you can brand the envelopes they come in as well. Many PPC services in Denver print their logo, brand colors and contact details over the envelope to add a neat and professional look to their message. You can use the envelopes to send letters, postcards, brochures, etc.

You can use them with EDDM services to make an impression on your target audience. Do keep a stack of envelopes at the office in case you need to send an official mail immediately.

- Postcards

Letters tend to be formal, which is why businesses ask printing services in Denver CO to create postcards as well. They usually come in attractive templates with space for a short message. You can use them to promote ongoing sales, to provide free coupons, etc. They're more effective for B2C companies.

- Brochures

Every firm needs a brochure to inform their target audience about who it is and what it can do for them. You distribute them at trade shows or when meeting new customers. They can also act as park maps, event guides, etc.

- Sales Sheet

A sales sheet, sell sheet or product datasheet is a one-page that features the description, a list of features, prices and related visuals of a product or service you offer. Hosting services in Denver use it often to reach out to clients or stakeholders. You can make the most of it by highlighting your product’s main features and how they can benefit them.

- Catalogs

Many clients are still uncomfortable browsing the net for information. You can use catalogs to reach out to them instead of your website. They should contain all the relevant information on your products and services. You can use them in your direct mail campaign to inform your target audience.

- Presentation Folders

Presentations folders help you keep your brochures, booklets, etc. neatly organized and distribute them to your target audience together. Many companies ask printing services in Denver CO to customize the folder to match their brand image. You can use the folder for client meetings, conferences and training employees.

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