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All You Need to Know About SBI Education Loan

All You Need to Know About SBI Education Loan

At the end of the 2018 fiscal year, the portfolio size of study loan for abroad disbursals touched INR 82,600 Crore, climbing 9.25% in twelve months! The typical loan for study abroad amount disbursement to a student went from INR 6.8 Lakh to INR 9.6 Lakh at an equivalent time. These figures have risen even further this year. But is that the education loan disbursement process as easy because it appears from these statistics? Once a student loan is sanctioned, the applicant still features a long road ahead. Adopting a laid-back attitude after authorization results in panic and rush at the last minute. Whereas, the notice of the whole loan disbursal process and preparing for it immediately after approval saves you energy and time. This blog exactly aims to try to to this - making our readers conscious of the disbursement process of an SBI education loan. Keep reading to seek out a breakdown of the entire SBI education loan disbursement process.

Perks of SBI Education Loan

SBI, the most important nationalized bank within the country which offers two study loan for abroad schemes for overseas education - SBI Global Ed-vantage and SBI Student Loan. Both  accompany a plethora of perks including the following:

  • Interest is Low.
  • Processing Fee is Nil or Minimal.
  • Repayment Period is 15 years Long.

Over and above, SBI offers a second top-up loan. This loan for study abroad allows students to review the second course in their chosen country, and it extends the moratorium period too. The repayment of the loan starts 6 months after the completion of the second course.

Steps Taken Prior to SBI Education Loan Disbursement

Before you reach the disbursement stage, you've got to use for the education loan and obtain your application approved. Here may be a brief guide to applying for a student loan:

  • Fill the education application form online. (You can roll in the hay on our platform.)
  • Get a customized document check-list via email.
  • Submit the documents.
  • Verify the documents. The collateral’s legal evaluation and technical assessment are conducted by the bank’s valuators.
  • Both the applicant and co-applicant are evaluated and supported by the CIBIL score.
  • The precise loan amount is calculated.
  • If the education loan is approved, the bank offers a sanction letter which is valid for 6 months.

Use Eduloans Gateway for SBI Education Loan

When you pick the Eduloans gateway for a student abroad loan, our loan counselors put within the effort that otherwise would be required from your side. First, we ease the channel between you and the bank. Second, we immediately resolve any queries that inevitably happen during the confusing procedure. Third, we keep a continuing and attentive check on the loan disbursal progress. The perks of availing assistance from an education loan counselor don’t end here. The SBI education loan process is long and susceptible to hurdles. Our loan officers unearth instant solutions to those snags. Want the education loan disbursement process to require place quickly? Don’t want to manage the tedious task of ensuring that the monthly expenses are disbursed to your forex card or savings account? Use Eduloans to use for an SBI education loan. All it takes maybe a request for a callback!

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