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How Do I Know It Is Time to Replace My Garbage Disposal?

It would be nice if things lasted forever. We already know that our appliances are going to wear out one day and need to be replaced. The problem is knowing that it is time to replace an appliance that can be difficult. We may spend unnecessary money trying to repair an appliance, so we do not have to replace it; only to realize there is no salvaging it in the end. There are clear signs that is time to replace your garbage disposal.

Frequent Clogging

There are certain things that you should do when using a garbage disposal. You should make sure that you are running water down the drain for a minimum of twenty seconds when the disposal is used. Make sure that the only thing you are putting into the disposal is food that the manufacturer has listed as safe to put in the disposal. If there are large pieces of food, cut them up, and slowly put them in the disposal. If you are following these rules and realize that you are still having problems with clogging frequently; this is a sign that the disposal is broken. It could mean that the current capacity is not large enough and you need a larger model.

Repeated Resets

Many individuals are aware that it is not out of the normal to have to reset the disposal once a large clog has been removed. You may also need to reset it if you have put a lot of food down it recently. Frequently having to reset it could mean that there are problems with the motor. If the motor is messed up, this could mean that you need the unit replaced.

Persistent Smells

No one likes it when there is a foul odor in their home. Maybe you have used ice cubes to try and freshen your disposal. Maybe you have tried using dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, or even citrus. No matter what you try, the odor persists. This could be because the odor is coming from the lines. You may need garbage disposal replacement Paramus to rid your home of the foul smell.

Dull Blades

Does it seem like it takes forever for the food to grind? Are clogs occurring frequently? This may indicate that the blades have gone dull. If the blades are dull, the disposal is no longer doing its job. It may be time to consider a replacement.


Some leaks are easy to fix. You may need an O-ring replaced. Maybe you simply need to tighten your connections. Some leaks are more expensive and harder to fix. If there is a leak, it may end up being cheaper to replace the unit rather than repair the one you currently have. It is worth calling a professional to find out.

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