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Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes

Stem cells have the extraordinary capacity to morph or ‘differentiate’ into any type of cell, required by the body. These cells also have the ability to find and move to tissues that are inflamed or damaged and replace them with new ones. Another great thing about stem cell treatment is that it is non-invasive, and there is no need for surgeries, hospitalization or long recovery periods.

In addition to healing a severe injury, stem cell therapy can also be used to repair the body on an ongoing basis, before serious injury occurs. This can be especially beneficial to athletes and those with active lifestyles by prolonging their productive period. This unique characteristic of stem cell therapy can be a game changer for the future of sports medicine.

Athletes and people with active lifestyle already know that physical activity causes stress and wear and tear of the body. The body can repair itself and regainstrength over time. However, with age, this natural ability to repair itself diminishes, and activity maycause injuries that don’t heal naturally. So far, athletes could only prevent injury with efficient training, body strengthening and conditioning. In case of an injury, they had to undergo surgery to repair the damage and go through long and stressful recovery and rehabilitation periods. Sometimes, the injuries were such that they didn’t allow the person to return to their game ever again.

Can Athletes benefit from Stem Cells?

With stem cell therapy, an increasing number of professional athletes have found an effective alternative to heal their injuries. Many athletes, from Peyton Manning's neck treatment to Rafael Nadal using stem cells to treat his injured back, have been receiving stem cell treatments. However, until recently, stem cell treatment was only undertaken after the athlete suffered a debilitating injury.

Stem cells can prevent sports injury

Today, many athletes are recognizing the benefits of stem cell treatments to prevent injury and prolong their career. As the stress of the season takes its tollon the player's body, creating a potential for injury, stem cells can be transplanted to find and repair any damage before it becomes worse.

This preventive treatment ensures that damaged tissuesare repaired as soon as possible, reducing the likelihood of debilitating injuries in advance. Since stem cells are not performance-enhancing in any way, they can be safely used to prevent or treat injury and prolong an athlete's career.

If an injurydoes occur, stem cells can be used to regrow and repair damaged cartilage and other tissues. This could take away the need for knee replacements and other surgeries. Athletescan return to their game much faster, compared to traditional healing methods.

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