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The Early History of Diamond

The diamond is arguably one of the most highly prized minerals in our world, and is something that commands the awe and adoration of many. However, once, diamonds were less sought after than they are today—and naturally, it is therefore important for any and all diamond connoisseurs to understand the early history of diamonds including how they came to be the prized possession that they are today.

Early History of Diamonds

For many people, diamonds are considered to be a truly timeless and priceless gem—but they were not always so highly sought after by mankind as they are today. The history of the diamond is, therefore, an intriguing tale detailing the rise to fame of this precious and prized mineral.

Some of the earliest mentions of diamonds date back thousands of years, when individuals such as the Roman naturalist Pliny described them as being "the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.” Indeed, this is a sentiment that can be shared by many men today—but it was a long and arguably convoluted journey for the diamond before it became a mineral so valuable that it was suitable for display in the store or stand of the most renowned jeweler.

The entire world's love of diamonds had its beginning where diamonds were gathered up by collectors out of the nation's rivers and streams—not exactly the pinnacle of refinement, but it was a start. This gathering helped to create the wealth of many nations, with it being expected that diamonds were being traded in India as early as the Fourth century BC. Gradually, this demand shifted and began to become a worldwide phenomenon. Diamonds became a highly precious resource very quickly, soon travelling to Western Europe from the caravans that traded their own wares in the ancient streets and cities of what is now Venice. Before long, it began to be seen that diamonds became the most prized form of accessories for the elite classes of Europe.

However, from the early years of the 1700s, the diamond resources that were found throughout India started to decline, depleted by the demand for this precious gem—and soon, Brazil appeared as a new and essential source of Diamonds from pan miners sifting through the gravel and silt of riverbeds. And so, the diamond market was then dominated by Brazil for well over a century.

Looking Forward

The diamond has retained its value for centuries and is now a truly precious gem that is sought after by many. To learn more about buying your own diamonds, come to us at Executive Ice to see how we can help you find the perfect diamonds with our diamond buying guide!

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