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Special way to make Quang Ninh shrimp paste is sweet and fragrant

The method of making Quang Ninh shrimp paste according to the experience of the indigenous people is the most prepared recipe. A delicious dish that many people love when visiting Quang Ninh beach. Let's find out what makes a special flavor, everyone misses this love!
Raw materials to make Quang Ninh shrimp flakes
Small shrimp or shrimp 1 kg. It is not only the large-sized sea shrimp that can make shrimp dishes. Choose those that are fresh, still having strong jumps or swimming in the water.
Pork 500 grams. Choose shoulder or buttocks, where there is less tendon, more lean but soft meat, when the shrimp will not dry out.
Standard shrimp paste, delicious. It's called Ruốc Tôm
Lemongrass, scallions.
Spices: pure fish sauce type 1, Gac oil, seasoning seeds, monosodium glutamate, soup powder, cooking oil.

Ruoc tom very delicious

Conducting Quang Ninh shrimp shrimps Step 1: Prepare shrimp and shrimp Pick up all the dirt that gets entangled with shrimp. Rinse several times with water. Use scissors to trim the beard and tail. Pour shrimp onto steaming plate, spread evenly on the surface. Crush 2-3 pieces of discharge into the end, when steamed shrimp will smell lemongrass for shrimp, shrimp no longer smell fishy. Pour water into a steamer to boil, then steam shrimp. Only steam the shrimp for 15-20 minutes. This is a small shrimp, so it quickly cooks. After steaming too long, the shrimp meat gradually loses its sweetness and may dry out. Take out shrimp to cool naturally. Because this shrimp is small, if peeled the remaining amount of meat will be very little, but the peeling process is long, requiring meticulous. This shrimp paste, especially you leave the shrimp and shrimp shells intact. Their shells are soft, easy to grind, when chewed, not hard. Divide the shrimp into small pieces and put them into a mortar and roll them up. Shake your hands until you feel you have reached a moderate level. Do the same with the other parts. Use your hands to split the old shrimp.
Ruoc tom Halong
Step 2: Preliminary preparation of pork

Rinse the pork with water. Strain the tendon on the meat.
Cut the meat into palm sized pieces. Normally we will cut along the meat but because the shrimp are very small, so you cut along the horizontal fiber, about 1 cm thick to fit.
Boiled meat. Drop 3-4 more fresh branches of green onion to drown the smell of meat.
After boiling, you also take out the meat to cool. Leave 1/2 cup of broth, we will process the shrimp paste later.
Crushing meat by hand is similar to pounding shrimp.
Step 3: Processing shrimp paste

For shrimp paste in 1/2 bowl of meat broth, use spoon to squeeze hard.
Filter the mixture through a sieve to retain the juice.
Add enough juice to the shrimp and the waiting meat. Stir hands to spice evenly.
Step 4: Copy shrimp in Quang Ninh

Put shrimp and meat in pan. First of all, we should not mix each other but each one separately. Using a chopstick, stir hands to dry evenly.
When the floss starts flossing, combine pork and shrimp together.
Tasting a little Gac oil, pure fish sauce, soup powder, monosodium glutamate, seasoning seeds, and oil to taste.
Let the flame simmer until the fiber is dry enough. No stars too big fire or stars too long. Flies are too dry to eat, no longer sweet, very chewy.
How good to eat Quang Ninh shrimp?
Breakfast with sticky rice: Breakfast will become more delicious when you enjoy sticky rice with shrimp. Flavorful, aromatic, soft and delicious flakes promise to provide energy for the whole morning.
Porridge shrimp shrimp flakes: Another breakfast food suggestion for you is white porridge served with shrimp flakes. No need to be too fussy to prepare many ingredients, you can also have a delicious breakfast.
Lunch with shrimp: You do not have too much time to prepare for lunch, shrimp shrimps is a soulmate for you. Especially for busy office people. When you get up in the morning, prepare hot rice, a bowl of soup, fruits and carry a shrimp paste, you can rest assured to go to work.
With 4 basic steps, how to make Quang Ninh shrimp flakes is simple, anyone can do it. Making shrimp paste as delicious as a native, are you ready? Good luck.
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