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All You Need To Know About Ozone Plates Used In Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have been using Ozone for many years to clean the air in your homes, businesses, hotels, and more. Besides cleaning the air, ozone can also help remove mold and in some cases kill bacteria as well. It is also said that ozone technology may address allergy and asthma symptoms. If you are planning to get ozone plates for living air, here is everything you need to know about ozone plates in air purifiers.

HEPA Air Purifiers with built-in Ozone Generating devices.

These air purifiers use a filter, as their primary means of filtration, and utilize additional Ozone plates to remove odors and freshen the air.

Benefits of Ozone

Ozone, as a molecule is quite effective at eliminating and reacting with strong odors and airborne toxins. It has a natural fresh scent, quite similar to that of a “crisp” smelling air freshener. Its ability to remove unpleasant odors and fresh smell effectively attract many customers as an air purifying device. For that reason, many customers consider installing ozone plates in their existing air purifiers.

In high amounts, ozone can be an irritant which is not a big surprise. Being an active gas, ozone interacts with many different types of materials in different ways.

In reality, most air purifiers suggest using ozone in small amounts. Through their design, they produce small amounts of ozone for an extended period of time. Most of them have an "away" mode, where a large amount of ozone is expelled for a short period of time. And, rightfully, they even recommend to not stay in the area while this mode is on. Most air purifiers with ozone plates even suggest to not leave pets in the area either.

The main issue is that most people do not understand that in any amount, ozone will dissipate within thirty minutes, especially after you have allowed fresh air in the area. Therefore, the main concern doesn’t lie with ozone plates but with the misuse of ozone.

All you need to know is the right way to adjust your ozone plated air purifier. However, it is always better to use ozone for professional use only.

If you are planning to get ozone plates for your air purifier or generator, you can consider alpine air purifiers as they offer the best ozone plates.  

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