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What are the best solutions to prevent when Facebook app Keeps Crashing?

Several people have encountered issues with the Facebook app that keeps crashing again and again.  Many Facebook users have also complained about app keeps crashing issues once they get getting very irritated and don't know how to manage it. This issue with the Facebook app is happening for a long time now. The good thing is that a user can resolve this Facebook app crashing down situation on their own once they know the reasons. More well-defined information about the Facebook app keeps crashing is available below.

Why does the Facebook app keeps crashing?

If you are wondering why my Facebook app keeps crashing, then learn the common reasons from below:

·       Less memory storage in device

·       Facebook app is not updated

·       Facebook network server error

What are the methods to stop Facebook app from crashing?

A person who is thinking that how to fix my Facebook app keeps crashing can learn the several methods to preventing from below:

Restart your device

·       First of all, Facebook users who are facing app crashing down issue needs to restart their device

·       Restarting a device fix the heating problem and most probably the Facebook crashing get solved

Clear storage space

·       When your device’s memory storage is less it also causes Facebook crashing down error

·       Therefore, clear some space in your device by removing the unwanted data from it

·       After making extra space in your device, check that Facebook app crashing problem is fixed or not

Update Facebook app

·       A few times, when you are using an older version of Facebook app on your device it might crashes down

·       Therefore, open the apps setting in your device and then navigate towards all apps update

·       After that, hit update button that is given aside the Facebook app

·       Then let the Facebook app update finish then check whether crashing issue is solved or not

Reinstall Facebook app

·       When Facebook app is still crashing even after you have downloaded the latest version then remove the app for once

·       After the Facebook app is removed successfully, go to the play store and install the app once again

·       Once the Facebook app re-installation is finished, check that crashing problem is occurring now or not

Most of the times the Facebook app keeps crashing problem gets resolved by following the above-mentioned methods. However, in some cases when the issue is more complicated a user cannot handle the crashing down situation on their own. In that scenario, you can get direct help from a Facebook representative by contacting them through call center.

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