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Casement Windows for Every Location

Casement windows are probably the most common type of window in the British building trade. That means they are also the most versatile - with different types of casement being available for pretty much every environment and function.

Take the replacement casement, for example. This rather nifty piece of glazing engineering has been designed to allow existing homeowners to have their windows changed without any mess or damage to external or internal walls. The replacement casement is fitted with a variable width jamb, which allows the whole thing to be slotted into the hole left by an old window. The new casement windows can thus be fitted practically immediately, and do not require any remodeling work, or indeed any interruptions of any kind to the daily life of the home in question. For more information visit here.

The replacement casement has several amazingly clever little design features that are helping it become one of the most sought after bits of building kit in the Ireland construction industry. Originally invented by Irish glazing and architectural legends Marvin Architectural, the replacement casement has an easy clean pane, which can be completely removed, cleaned, and replaced to allow homeowners to clean upstairs windows both inside and out. The casement windows are also possessed of an extremely robust hardware system, which maintains strength and seamless operating even at relatively large sizes.

Talking of large sizes, when you step up in the world you might want something even more robust from your casement window. The larger sizes of casement windows are fitted in real treated wood jambs, allowing for a great amount of structural strength even in particularly large installations. The whole window frame is made either of wood or clad-wood, according to the elemental conditions prevailing around the home in question and of course the preferences of the homeowner - where the wood is clad, the casement windows can be treated to have the appearance of milled wood even though the actual external material is aluminum. Inside, the casements are supported and offset by large real wood jambs, which add a classic decorative element to any room.

The versatility of the casement window makes it an ideal choice for pretty much every room in the home. Using a casement window in kitchen-diner areas, studies and library type rooms is particularly effective - and having a run of casement windows along the back of a lounge can give the rear part of the house a proper conservatory feel. Running casements around three sides of a room after the manner of a wraparound add on can make a whole place feel linked to its garden spaces - bringing the outside in, in the manner of the best architecture.

Casement windows are strong, versatile, and classic additions to any home. With a range that spans every budget and installation requirement - from the very simple, and the very affordable, to the very large and completely bespoke - casements have something to fulfill every housing need and can deliver a beautiful finishing touch to every home.

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