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Understanding Azure Backups, BEK encryption and Virtual Machines

Introduction to Azure

Microsoft Azure, also called the cloud of modern businesses, is a services-based operating environment that let developers build and host services on Microsoft's infrastructure. Microsoft Azure supports both Microsoft and non-Microsoft environments. Azure is also used by developers as a platform for building and deploying applications. Azure tools help in creating codes, and the Virtual Machines, with the help of Windows server helps execute the rules of applications.

Azure Backup

Azure also provides a backup service that helps protect and save files over the cloud. Going for a complete Azure certification training can help understand the process of backup in a better manner. This can also be used for restoring the data and creating a cloud-based solution for all work. This remains reliable, secure and cost competitive. Backups offer customers a smooth and dependable experience across different scenarios. Azure also offers backup and restoration facilities for Azure virtual machines encrypted using Bitlocker Encryption Key(BEK) both for managed or unmanaged disks. The backup also allows backing up encrypted VMs using BitLocker Encryption Key(BEK) and Key Encryption Key(KEK).

Benefits of Azure backup

With the help of backup, Microsoft Azure widens its service providing. Of the many things that add up to the list of offerings, the prime ones are:

  • VM encryption backup using BEK and KEK

Microsoft Azure backup, with the latest service offerings, begins supporting backups of both VMs encrypted using BEK and KEK. The process of backup uses BEK (by secrets) and KEK (by keys) which remain backed up and encrypted. This prior backup and encryption helps in reading and using, at any point of time when it is restored back to the key vault by the authorized users.

  • Managed and unmanaged disks backup:

Backups for both managed and unmanaged disks, which are application-consistent, are also supported by the freedom to create any kind of encrypted VM. These can then also be backed up using an Azure backup.

  • Enhanced and simplified experience: With the latest release, the process of backup also gets access to the key vault without requiring the user to intervein. This also leads to a smooth and simplified experience, that is richer and enhanced.
  • Better security: Since the BEK is backed up, so at times where the BEK is lost, any authorized user can easily restore the BEK to the Key Vault and simultaneously also recover the encrypted VM. This is possible as the keys and secrets of encrypted VMs are already backed up in encrypted form. Encryption also prevents both authorized and unauthorized users from reading or using the backed-up keys and secrets. Restoring encryptions would require the right permissions.


A complete azure training and certification can help understand the backup process in more detail. With the added service offering Azure has turned more resourceful, however, understanding this new feature might take some time. With the right training, one can make complete use of Azure features and offerings.

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