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Plug Electrical Leaks and Conserve Energy with Products Power Strip

Our dependence on electricity continues to grow and with it the amount that we needlessly waste grows too. Most people who are concerned about energy conservation know that replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, line drying clothes, and turning down the thermostat will lower electric bills, but there are several, less obvious ways that we can save electricity and money.

Unplugged leaks can cost you hundreds every year. The most insidious of these leaks are caused by the increasing number of appliances and electronic devices that continue to use power when they are turned off. This list includes televisions, stereo equipment, laptops, wireless hubs, cell phone chargers, cable boxes, printers, computer speakers, microwaves, stoves, curling irons, hairdryers, and anything with a transformer or a clock. There are three options to plug these leaks. The first is very simple, but could put some strain on sensitive electronics; unplug all devices when they are not in use. This solution also may not be practical when outlets are located behind furniture.

The second solution is similar, but is a bit more convenient: plug groups of devices into power strip and turn the power strips on and off when necessary. This energy conservation strategy also provides some degree of protection for your electrical equipment since power strips typically surge protectors as well. The final solution is to plug the power strips into timers. This solution is especially effective when you are likely to forget to turn off the various power strips around the house. Just be sure that the timer and power strip are rated to handle the loads that are plugged into them. Remember unplugging electrical equipment during thunderstorms and while you are away on vacation is also a great way to protect your property and lower your electric bills.

Can I solve the problem completely? Well, only if you went around and unplugged everything after you have finished using it. This is a great no-cost solution, however, the reality is this is unlikely to happen. One reason for this is that electrical cords are not always easily accessible. The second reason is all of use would need to be extremely disciplined.

Power strips, refrigerator tune-ups, and photovoltaic panels are three things that can help you stop wasting electricity inside and outside your house, and they represent a wide range of levels of commitment to energy conservation. Whether it is your first step towards energy efficiency or your one hundredth, we challenge you to take one more.

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