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Pros And Cons Of Using Of Quartzite Slabs For Countertops

Many homeowners who wish to have marble countertops without the high cost of the natural stone search for quartzite slabs in Denver. Not to be confused with quartz which is an engineered stone made using quartz, quartzite is a natural stone. It is a metamorphic rock made from a pure quartz stone due to the heat and pressure of the earth. It is a durable and beautiful material but also expensive and requires sealing.

Before you decide whether to install a countertop made from this stone or not, you might want to weigh its pros and cons against each other.

Pros Of Quartzite Slabs

- Beautiful

Most homeowners buy quartzite slabs in Denver because they look exactly like marbles. Indeed, its smooth white surface resembles marble a lot. It’s grey veins come in a beautiful swirling pattern that gives it a unique appeal from marble and other natural stones.

It’s a natural stone so every slab is bound to have a unique pattern. It’s diagonal and cross-cut lines depend on how the manufacturer cuts it. You can create some interesting patterns in your kitchen through this material.

- Highly Resistant

The metamorphic stone is resistant to scratches, heat and etching. So they don’t get scratched, burned or stained very easily. Countertop and flooring stores in Denver cover it with a sealant that prevents water from getting into its pores. One of its best qualities is its resistance to UV-rays. If you install it as an outdoor countertop, you don’t need to worry about the sunlight causing its color to fade.

- Easy To Clean

The sealant ensures that the stone does not absorb moisture and stains easily so you can clean it by wiping it with soap and water. Abrasive substances don’t hurt the stone easily.

- Durable

Quartzite is harder than granite scoring a 7 on the Mohs scale. It’s much higher than marble’s 3 as well. This is thanks to the process of metamorphosis. The rock is naturally resistant to heat and etching from acidic substances. You just need to ensure that the countertop and tile shop in Denver uses high-quality sealers to cover the pores.

- Versatile Design

It’s white and grey color scheme is compatible with most types of interior designs. It works well with minimalist, rustic and industrial styles kitchens very well. Other than grey and white, it’s available in some earthy tones depending on the rock’s mineral content.

- Good Resale Value

Quartzite is a highly sought after material due to the properties mentioned above. It adds to your home’s value by adding to your kitchen’s appeal and increasing the demand for your home. You essentially save the buyer the trouble of searching for it at countertop and flooring stores in Denver.

Cons Of Quartzite Slabs

- Sealers Are Vulnerable

Unlike the stone, the sealer is vulnerable to heat and scratching. Chopping your vegetables directly on the counter surface and/or placing hot utensils on it can wear away the sealant and ruin the countertop’s look. It also makes the pores vulnerable to moisture and germs. You need to reapply the sealer if it’s damaged.

- Needs Sealant

Quartzite is a natural stone with many pores on the surface. You need sealants to cover the surface to ensure that it remains sanitized. This may not be a huge disadvantage when you consider that a countertop and tile shop in Denver usually uses high-quality sealers until you consider the next point.

- Expensive

It’s one of the costlier natural stones due to its hardness. You need a diamond-edge cutter to cut a slab based on your required dimensions. The exact cost might differ based on labor, transport, etc. but expect to pay at least 0 per sq. foot.

- Difficult To Install

Cutting labor costs through DIY might not be an option when you use quartzite slabs. These slabs are hard, dense and heavy due to which you need special tools for the job. It’s why most homeowners rely on stores like Carpet Mill Outlet Stores for installation.

- Limited Color Options

Most slabs come in white and grey colors with some coming in earthy tones depending on the minerals inside. So your color options are limited though your pattern options are not because it’s a natural stone.


If you are willing to spend on quartzite slabs in Denver, then they’re a good option for your kitchen. They are strong, durable, beautiful and low-maintenance. You just need to avoid damaging the sealant by using chopping boards and trivets. But if you want something affordable, then look for other options in the market.

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