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How To Choose The Right Apartment Floor To Live In

When looking for apartments, one of the major concerns is the floor you choose. There are so many factors that contribute to the floor you live in. Say, for example, you want a nice view then higher floors are a good choice, lower and middle floors are a cost-effective choice.
Whether you opt for LoDo apartments or apartments in any other neighborhood, you need to take into consideration a couple of factors before selecting a floor to live in. If you're not sure, which floor is the best for you, the following guide will help you choose the right floor to live in.

The View

This is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the floor in an apartment. For those who like to enjoy a beautiful cityscape, higher floors are a good option for them. Choosing the higher floors in an apartment will give you a nice view of the neighborhood you live in but keep in mind that the higher the floor, the costlier will be the price of the apartment. If you do not have any restrictions on your budget then you can opt for a higher floor on the building with a beautiful view.


Whether you're living on rent or in your own house, security is probably the utmost concern, especially if you're living alone. Although all apartment complexes have their own security measures, living on the ground floor, you could be potentially under more crime risk. When breaking in criminals often choose to attack the ground floor and it also doesn't require any type of climbing to get into. Keep this thing in mind when you're looking for an apartment. If you do not feel safe living in the basement or ground floor then do not look into apartments with vacancies on these floors.

Consider Your Phobias

If you are afraid of heights then living on the higher floors may not be the right option for you. It can make you queasy and uncomfortable every time, you look down the window. You do not have to live on the highest floor to get a good view or have access to the terrace, you can select a moderately high floor when looking for apts for rent in Denver so that you can enjoy the view without being uncomfortable.


Apart from the view, another common reason people opt for higher floors is the absence of noises from the street below. Lower floors, especially ground floors are more susceptible to noises. When you live on the ground floor, it is not just the noise that comes from the streets and traffic, but also other tenants of the building coming and going in and out of the house or using amenities like the gym. However, there are many apartment buildings that do not have ground floor apartments located near the entrance and thus away from the noises.


The apartment you choose to live in should have good accessibility. Whether you're coming out of the building or going in, you should be able to do it easily and quickly. There are many tenants who have little patience when it comes to waiting for an elevator as it arrives at the destination while making several stops on the way. If this bothers you then you can opt to live on the ground floor or live on a floor that doesn't require an elevator and you can come up and down by the stairs comfortably.


Cost is one of the biggest factors that come into consideration when selecting an apartment for rent. If you're looking for Denver apartment complexes in high-end neighborhoods they tend to be quite expensive and you need to have a large budget in order to afford them. If you're a little tighter on your budget and just starting out on your own then you might consider selecting a moderately priced neighborhood or a lower floor on the apartment. The higher floors tend to be the most expensive. So, living in the middle or lower floors can help you save on the rent.


If you have any kind of mobility impairment, living on the ground floor is a good option for you, especially in the buildings that do not have an elevator surface. However, choosing the floor depends on the choice of the individual and your landlord shouldn't make the decision for you. Federal fair housing laws prevent the landlords from assuming or making any decision about an individual's housing requirements based on their disability.

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